certified copy of birth certificate

How to get a certified copy of birth certificate for US immigration

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2018)

When it comes to getting a certified copy of birth certificate, there may be issues and the game is in the details. The certification of birth certificate translation is an easy-enough task, but you have got to know the pre-requisites and the advised stuff. That is the only way to make sure that you get your documents ready for USCIS submission if you want to become a US citizen.

How to get a certified copy of birth certificate

what is a certified copy of birth certificate

What is a certified copy of birth certificate?

Let us begin with the basics, what does it mean to get a certified copy of birth certificate? A certified copy is a copy that is not original, but it comes with validation from the relevant office. So a certified copy of a birth certificate will come with a certification or stamp that will state that the text is accurate and trustworthy. The copy will also act on behalf of the original document in the early stages of document processing.

Getting Started

The process of getting a certified copy of birth certificate is different for every state in the United States, but the procedure begins with the department of vital records where you will apply. The procedure is different for every state, but at the end, they will give you a stamped copy of your birth certificate with the signature from the department of vital records.

Time Frame

Now the big question is, how much time does it take? It depends on how easy it is to get your documents out. If you were born in the current century and your document can be traced with a computer click, then maybe they will take a week, give or take the governmental bureaucracy. But if you were born in 1950 and not in the United States, then they are going to tell you to wander from department to department until you have found the place where your document is buried.


If you are latter and feel that the system needs a little push, it is best to show up with a copy of the document. You can also find the document in the relevant office yourself and point them in the direction. The point is, quicker they can find your document, more comfortable it will be for you to get the procedure done.

how to get a certified copy


When are certified copies used? If you do not have any clue as to where the original document is, then the certified copy is hugely significant. It serves as your document instead of the original document. If you are asked to submit the original document anywhere at all, and you have a reason not to submit it; the certified copy will work pretty well in the early times of the procedure. If you have any other reason to keep the original document, you can present a certified copy.

Not be be confused with a certified translation of a birth certificate. A certified copy is an official copy of the document while a certified translation is a translation of the document which has been certified as a true reflection of the original.

These are simple and basic facts about a certified copy of documents that we thought everyone should know. USA Translate is here for all of your needs, call now!

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