certified English translation for USCIS

Why would you need certified English translation for USCIS

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2018)

The question most individuals ask is: at what time is it needed to have a certified English translation for USCIS and where to get it for cheap? We have an answer for you in this blog post.

Certified English translation for USCIS

when is certified translation needed

Who needs to have certified translation?

A person who is coming to the United States of America to live, for study, work or marriage purposes is ‘immigrating’ to the United States. This person will apply for his visa process to a department called the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS); this department will decide whether to grant this person and his family visa or not. And the documents that you send to this department will have to have a certified English translation for USCIS.

The documents that need translation could be anything such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, etc. If any of the documents are not in English then they have to be submitted along with a certified translation.

What is a certified translation?

A Certified Translation is a translation of a document which needs to look like the original, only translated, and needs to be accompanied by a certificate of accuracy, where the translator has to certify that he or she is fluent and near-native or native in both English and the original language and that he or she has the competency to conduct the translation accurately.

A freelance translator usually takes two days to provide you with a USCIS compatible translation.

what is a certified translation

Some tips in regards to who can do the translation and how

  • If one is translating a literary content then they are allowed to have few liberties with translation and they can translate metaphorically, focusing on the context. But when translating legal documents, the translator is expected to conduct literal ‘word for word’ translation.
  • The translation has to be word by word and line by line. Translator can’t even omit empty lines. If there were empty lines in the original document leave an empty line in the target document. Target document has to be a mirror of the original document.
  • You are not allowed to add anything in your translation when translating a legal document. Even if there is an explanation to be had of the content when translated, you cannot add it to the target document.
  • In case something is ambiguous, mention in the translation that the specified content is illegible.
  • The layout of the original document and target translation has to be identical. The form of the translation has to look exactly the same as the original.
  • The owner of the original text cannot translate the document. The translation has to be done by a third party. This is a regulation of the USCIS and all other US institutions.

Now that you know what a certified English translation for USCIS is, it should be easy for you to check if the translator you hired did a good job. If you want to be sure that the translation is done according to USCIS requirements, get in touch with us. You’ll have it in a day of less, and it will only cost you $20.

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