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Is Crowdsourced Translation Really Worth it?

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2023)

Crowdsourced translation is basically a software that combines the work of multiple people willing to give a hand. When a new project comes in, a bunch of these people will translate small phrases, making you a translation.

Crowdsourced Translation

Where did crowdsourcing translation come from?

Crowdsourcing translation came from the interest in tapping into the collective consciousness. As all data is being shared freely and widely distributed, so the translated phrases are also being collected in a reservoir of the virtual clouds and are being reintegrated in content when similar or identical phrases appear. The database is, of course, ever growing because the world constantly continues to use the systems and the content keeps getting upgraded at an astonishing pace.

How is that different from Google Translate?

USA Translate tells you that this is different from Google translate because Google Translate because Google translate conducts the actual translation and then gives you the translated content. The translation is done by automated machine software. The crowdsource software only picks up similar sentences and their translations.

Is crowdsourcing a good idea or a bad idea?

The first answer we will give you is the old one, if you want to know the gist and the basic meaning of the content rather than go into great detail then grown sourcing is actually better than Google Translate. Because Google translate gives you the literal translation of all the phrases that are translated. Crowd Sourced translation gives you a more accurate translation because crowdsource translation is an accurate translation, meaning it is the accurate meaning, of the content that it translates.

Why is Crowdsourcing more accurate than Google Translate?

Because crowdsourced translation focuses on accurate copying of the meaning of the phrase that is being translated. It is an accurate translation that is not in any danger of being wrong because it is literal and is not taking idioms and phrases into account. But automated translations are always literal translations that are in constant danger of being wrong and not accurate. Not to mention, automated translations are always very awkward in phrasing and require extensive editing after the translation is done.

Crowdsourcing and The Social Networks

Social Media content translation through Crowdsourcing; USA Translate can tell you that the way you can translate your status updates in many languages on Facebook/ that is crowdsource based translation on social media. You can either take the translation that is done by the Facebook or edit it to suit your needs or you can write the translation yourself word by word. As Facebook is used by one-fourth of the planet; the content that is available on Facebook for crowdsourcing is ever increasing at an astonishing pace.

Crowd Sourcing on Twitter

You can easily understand the potential for using crowd sourcing through Twitter. Twitter has teamed up with Steps for the launch of a mobile translation platform. It translates any posts that the user wants to understand at 10 cents per posts. You can have limitations and many other features as well. The translation is done by fifty thousand translators around the world who will translate for the user whenever they want.

Is crowdsourced translation worth it? It is better than the automated translation and cannot replace the real human translators. It’s good if you want to understand the content, but you do not wish to invest and do not the content for any real purposes.

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