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Which Countries in the World you can find Spanish Speaking People

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2020)
Which Countries in the World you can find Spanish Speaking People

Our planet is huge and is housing over seven billion people at the moment. But it is also true that a lot of us had similar origins. We either shared ancestors or culture. A lot of the world’s vernaculars traveled to far off places with the help of their speakers. The same way people took their traditions and customs with them wherever they went. Every time a country attacked a smaller nation and took control over their land, they also started transferring their customs to the locals. A lot of nations today still celebrate a couple of festivals and follow traditions that were brought to their lands by the colonizers. But nothing brought by the colonizers had as much effect on the local population than their language. People wanted to understand their rulers but they also wanted to be able to communicate with them. Both of these things required knowing their language.

Many countries learned the language of their oppressors so they can demand for their rights and express their point of view. Once the oppressors left, the language stayed behind and got passed on from generation to generation. Eventually it became one of the prominent vernaculars of the land where it didn’t even originate. The world may have many people today but it wasn’t the case in the past and a lot of cultures and languages were born by the influence humans exerted on each other. They visited different lands and like the seeds who get transferred to different lands by air, their ideas and culture started growing in foreign land. One language that has traveled in the same way and has become a huge force in the world is Spanish. This tongue may have originated in Spain but it enjoys official status in over twenty countries today. In a world where more than seven thousand languages are spoken, that’s a huge achievement on Spanish’s behalf.

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You can’t be a Netflix fan and be unaware about the existence of Narcos. It may not be the best TV show of all time but it is definitely up there with the greatest productions. It instantly gained a fan base after getting released on Netflix. Not only it taught people about the history of Pablo Escobar but also a few swear words in Spanish. A lot of people got interested in the language after watching that show and wanted to learn more so they can experience media in Spanish without requiring subtitles. Due to its huge number of speakers, a lot of shows and movies are made in Spanish. And a big number of them gain popularity among non-Spanish speakers and increase their interest in the vernacular.

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The Spanish Language:

This Romance language’s origin lies in an old dialect of Latin. With the number of upgrades that this vernacular of Spain went through, it is impossible to pinpoint a certain moment in history when it started. The evolution of the tongue happened over a long period of time, but as far as its expansion is concerned, the last thousand years can be considered the right time period. It expanded to the Americas and today it is not only the official language in twenty countries but also of some organizations like the United Nations.

Due to its importance, it is the second most learned vernacular on earth and according to linguists can be learned in twenty-four weeks. It is also important to note that the official vernacular of Spain is not only famous in different countries but is also the third most spoken language on the world wide web. Its speakers use it to communicate with each other on the internet further increasing the importance of the language in the modern world.

Which Countries Spanish Speakers Live in?

Since Spanish is spoken around the world, it is hard to think of a big country where it doesn’t have speakers. But here is a list of countries where you can find the most Spanish speakers:

  1. Spain: This goes without saying because Spain is where the language originated. When the people of Spain visited the Americas, they took their language with them and introduced it to the local population where it is a huge force today.
  2. USA: According to an estimate, in a couple of decades USA will have the greatest number of Spanish speakers in the world.
  3. Colombia: Another country where the vernacular enjoys official status but it is a different version from that of Spanish spoken in Spain and Mexico.
  4. Mexico: The country may not have recognized the language in the constitution but it enjoys the same position as that of an official tongue.
  5. Cuba: A version of Spanish is spoken in the country and is the language of both the people and the state.

Other countries where Spanish enjoys an official status include:

Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Dominion Republic, Paraguay, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Porto Rico, Panama, and Equatorial Guinea. The list doubles when you add the name of all states where Spanish is spoken by a considerable number of people. Even in places where it is not recognized officially, it enjoys a high status. A few countries where it is a minority language, a considerable amount of people speak it and it can be considered a huge influence there too. If you plan on learning Spanish, and you travel frequently too, you will have no trouble finding a speaker if you go to the above-mentioned countries.

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