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How to get more downloads using app localization services

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

App localization services – a way to increase sales?

The common misconception people make is that since most software is in English then it stands to reason that those who can use computers and software know English. That is not the case at all. There are a lot of computer and mobile users in the world, including highly qualified programmers, who find reading English as gibberish. It would be a shame that they can never enjoy what your app has to offer just because it’s written in English. The solution to this is using localization services which involves mainly translating your software content to other languages.

Availing yourself of app localization services through the web is very easy and at competitive prices. Your software will be appreciated by more people and you will enjoy seeing more downloads of the app you have worked so hard on.

App searches only give results of apps in the same language as the search string. So even if your app is relevant to the search millions of people will never know it exists unless the app has other versions available and the title of the app is in the target language as well. Localizing your app can make that possible.

App localization services is not just translating from one language to the other. It also means editing the content so that it doesn’t contain anything that may offend other cultures, as well as making it more appealing to the target market. Both of which will endear you to the target market and lead to more downloads.

Good app localization services would also help you with reprogramming your app so that it can handle the alphabet of foreign languages especially those who don’t share the roman alphabet with English or have characters with diacritical marks, other kinds of characters, or are read from right to left instead.

You may hesitate to spend on app localization services but the future rewards are plenty, especially becoming more well known and being awaited to release new apps all over the world.

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