Good CAT Tools

What Good CAT Tools Are on the Market These Days and Which One is the Best

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2017)

Many translators use computer assisted translation – good CAT Tools to achieve better results in work.

What Are the Benefits of Using Good CAT Tools While Translating?

As a whole, modern computer applications help workers of all spheres work better and faster. The CAT tools allow the translator organize better the work and cope with more tasks.

Translate More

These tools are often used to increase the production of the translator. This is extremely useful in the case of an urgent project and many clients demand receiving their translations as soon as possible. Here is a great advantage of working with such tools: with a tool pre-translating from the translation memory, the translator is able to complete up to twice as much tasks for the same time. Actually, this depends on how similar the new material is to what is in the memory of the application but it is sure that your productivity will increase.

A Translation Organizer

Many good CAT tools can perform very useful tasks such as count words, segments and units; compare portions of new and pre-translated material; analyse the text and others. This allows you to organize your work and consider what will be a reasonable price for both sides for this project.

The Best CAT tools

There is a great variety of good CAT tools which offer many opportunities for the translators. Some of them like Across Language Server support numerous file formats which make them very useful. One of the most popular translation tool – SDL Trados offers you four different translation environments which gives you a great freedom in your work.

The price range is really wide. There are free tools like OmegaT and pretty expensive ones. The last group is a pretty good investment for translation companies with tight deadlines and a lot of projects.

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