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How To Get a Colombian Birth Certificate Translated?

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2021)

Are you a registered citizen of your state? Do you have a verified birth certificate?

If you’re doing official or government paperwork and processes like obtaining a visa, getting married, or starting a Colombian business, in a country other than where you are born, there are chances that you will need to produce your birth certificate again.

Well, if you have planned to migrate or start something in Colombia, there can be various reasons why you will need a birth certificate. And even having the birth certificate in your migrated country is not enough. Any foreign country will not accept your birth certificate only because it is original. But you need to get an apostille translation of that legitimate document as well.

If your preference is moving to Colombia, then there are several things that you will need to do before starting your journey there. Firstly, you will need to register yourself in Colombia. You will need a Colombian Birth certificate for that because you’re going to be a Colombian citizen real soon.

If you don’t know much about how you can get one, don’t worry! You just came to the right place. This article will best describe the steps and process you need to follow to get your hands on the Colombian Birth certificate!

So, let’s start exploring!

Law of Colombia

Colombia, the Republic of Colombia is a country in South America with territories in North America. Its striking physical variety amazes people. Apart from the diversity in climate, vegetation, and culture, Colombia has one of the most agile legal systems in South America.

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With an empathetic government, the Colombian government and civil authorities establish some strict rules for anyone who wants Colombian Citizenship. Whether you’re born in the United States or Colombia, having your birth certificate in its native language should be your first step.

A birth certificate in the original version is something very essential if you are applying for a green card also. According to COL42724.E from the law book of Colombia, ‘whether the law allows a notary public to issue a birth certificate for a minor only on the affidavit of the parents; information on the process to acquire a birth certificate including documents needed’.

No matter what purpose do you have, the law of Colombia still demands you to register your minor children in Colombia for marriage, visa, or office work. Moreover, there are different laws of Colombia for different legal authorities.

Why Would You Need a Colombian Birth Certificate?

There can be numerous purposes for getting a birth certificate in Colombia. But many people are unaware of the actual reasons why certainly a person would need their certificate again in a foreign country. And each reason will demand a different type of documents. Well, some of the purposes for getting a birth certificate in Colombia include:

  • In case anyone of you is applying for a divorce annotation, visa, passport, green card, residency, or a residency outside Colombia like in any foreign country, he/she will need to obtain the original birth certificate. It is often necessary for settlement in the new country.
  • One reason can be for educational purposes. Like, in most countries, when you get admission to the school, college, or university, the educational institution demands a specific set of documents that are necessary for the admission procedure. Hence, you get a degree in your field only if you have all of the official papers ready.
  • You will need a birth certificate, if you are doing marriage for immigration with your spouse, the government system can demand your birth or marriage certificate. The Civil Registry (Registro Civil) of the municipality or rural area may require notarization of your marriage certificate. For Colombian death certificates, complete copies and your original signature are important.
  • If you are getting a divorce, you will still need to submit your birth certificate. It is the criteria to attach the civil divorce decree, Colombian divorce certificates, mutual consent divorce, divorce annotation, and divorce amendment.
  • Additionally, claiming your inheritance or setting up a new business in Colombia will also require all of your official papers, including your birth certificate.
  • Planning to move somewhere? Even applying for a new passport will require you to have certified copies of your birth certificate.

Requirements for Birth Certificate

If you are applying for a birth certificate, the presence of the applicant needing registration is mandatory with the informant. If you have an original certificate, submit it along as well. The certification or registration must mention the place where you were born. If you do not have a live birth certificate, it is no big issue.

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You must have sworn statements by two witnesses who are aware of or were present at the birth. If the child whom you are applying for is one month old, then a baptism certificate will be provided. And most importantly, identification of the parents is necessary. If they are Colombian, certified copies of their original citizenship cards and marriage registration are needed on separate sheets of paper. Additionally, if either of the parents is of a different nationality, his/her valid passport and a copy of the same must be presented.

Credentials of Birth Certificate

On the birth of a Colombian child, it is the responsibility of Colombian parents to register his identity as soon as possible. This step is helpful in all matters including applying for Colombian Citizenship or refugee status, visa or Colombian passport, green card, immigration, employment purposes. Catholic marriages in Colombia have legal effect only after registration with the civil authorities. A copy of the civil marriage registration is also important for immigration purposes. It is yellow with security seals. The Birth certificate should have the following credentials:

  • Name of Birth Parents
  • Birth Places like hospital’s name or home
  • Grandparent’s name (optional)
  • Date of registration and witness of the registration

How To Get A Colombian Birth Certificate Translated? Step By Step Explained 

Birth and Death Certificates are the ones that determine the life span of a person. In Colombia, birth certificates has another name i.e. Registro Civil de Nacimiento. The Civil Registry (Registro Civil) is the authority responsible to issue them.

Being a US Citizen, if you need your Registro De Nacimiento in Colombia, you will need to translate it in the native language of Colombia for the ease of consular office abroad. There are several steps through which you can get a Colombian birth certificate translation. These include:

  • Submit an electronic copy of your birth certificate to a certified translation service in Colombia. Include your name, phone number, email address, the source and target language of the document, and the document itself.
  • A professional translator will be hired to do your job. Make sure that your document is well-translated because it is a sensitive legal document and any changes to it can cause problems.
  • Select the delivery period with your translator. Usually, the time it takes depends on the subject matter, source and target language, length, and stylizing requirements.
  • After translating it, you need to proofread it again for accuracy. Birth registration is a very crucial process to handle.
  • When complete, you will receive certified copies of your Registro Civil de Nacimiento and up to 4 complete copies of the translated birth certificate in hard form for your records. Thus, make sure to get a validity period for the assurity of the document on a national level.


There are many internet sites offering translation services of original documents to Colombian documents. Your Spanish document will need to be translated into English. Colombian authorities have their translation agencies. Therefore, your Registro De Nacimiento issuing authority (Registro Civil) can anytime fulfill the requirements of Colombian National.

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