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How To Get A Ukrainian Driver’s License Translated?

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2022)

Ukrainian Driver License

If you live in Ukraine and need to drive, it’s important to know how to navigate the rules and regulations of the country’s driving laws.

Some of these are very similar to what you might be used to in your home country, but some are different enough that they can cause significant problems if you aren’t aware of them when you get behind the wheel.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about translating your Ukraine driving license.

Step 1: Make sure you need to do it

Do you have a new address, new immigration status, or are you living abroad but have a driver license from another country? If so, your Ukrainian driver license will need to be translated for you to use it abroad. Is this what’s happening for you?

You should get a certified translation of your Ukrainian driving license if:

  1. You live abroad and want to take a driving test here with an examiner who can speak English (required by the learner permit stage)
  2. You live aboroad and want to buy insurance on behalf of yourself or someone else
  3. You need an official translation if you’re bringing your vehicle into another country (e.g. as a visitor)
  4. You need an official translation if you’re working as a bus driver (you must show proof of identity when getting your bus driver card).
  5. Some countries require drivers to hold a valid license in their home country in order to be issued a foreign driver’s license (some countries may ask you to provide both licenses).
  6. The passenger vehicle license is valid for 12 months and costs 5 Hryvnia. The motorcycle licenses are valid for 3 years and cost 5 Hryvnia.
Ukrainian drivers licence
translation drivers licence ukraine

Step 2: Know the laws of your country

The biggest thing to know when it comes to driving in other countries is the laws of your country. If you are going abroad, be sure you have a valid driver license or else your car might get impounded or even towed.

Stage Ukrainian says Foreign drivers are not obliged by law and regulations in Ukraine. There are also rules that deal with proof of insurance, usually the translation should contain an original insurance document and a copy of the translation.

Make sure it is stamped or signed by both agencies as well. A person with a foreign driver’s license living in Stage Ukrainian may obtain an international driving permit from their country of origin only if they plan on staying for more than one year.

Foreigners driving without having registered cars need to renew their driver licenses every one-six months as well. However, if you’re a foreigner living in Stage Ukrainian but working in Foreign Country, then getting a local driver license will help make life easier while operating here.

Step 3: Decide if you can do it yourself

The biggest step in the process is to decide if you can translate your own license. If you can, a quick search will bring up a host of online resources and websites which offer that service.

A commonly-cited way of translating your Ukrainian license for free is through an online translator such as Google Translate. There are also paid options available with varying rates depending on the website or company providing the service. It’s best to compare prices before making your decision.

Step 4: Get the form from your local government

Head to your local government or motor vehicle department, who should have a form you can fill out. Fill out the form and attach a notarized translation of your Ukrainian driving license.

The DMV will then translate your driver’s license and send it back with their seal on it for you. This process should take about 7-10 days.

Once that is done, keep the sealed translation with you at all times in case of traffic stops by law enforcement agencies. In addition, make sure to let insurance companies know so they can be aware of the change.

ukrainian driver's licence
ukraine to english drivers licence

Step 5: Do all your translating at home

Another option for translating your driving license is doing it at home yourself. The best way to do this is by translating the content on your old Ukrainian driving license into the English or Russian text with your new UK driving license as a reference point.

This will allow you to check if you made any mistakes along the way and will save you money, as there’s no need for an intermediary service such as a translation agency.
It’s worth noting that when converting from one language to another, many words can be translated in different ways.

When completing this task it’s important to pay attention to context clues and match up the same word used in both languages so that meaning is not lost in translation.

Thousands of drivers around the world have taken their own initiative and done just that without needing professional help.

Step 6: Sign each copy in original space on form and keep in a safe place

If you have successfully translated your driving license from Ukrainian into English, please read the following steps:
1. Check the information on the form to make sure it is accurate.
2. Print and sign your new English translation of your driving license.
3. Obtain a new photo (1×1 cm).
4. Mail or bring both copies of the document together with your photo to: Credential Services Officer, Department of Transportation and Public Works Canada (see contact information at bottom).
5. The fee for an English translation of a driving license is $28 CDN. Include this amount with your documents when mailing or bringing them in person to the office listed below.
6. Keep one copy of the original Ukrainian driving license in a safe place until such time as you need it again.
7. Carry the other copies of your translated driving license with you at all times and show them if asked by law enforcement officers, employers, or any other individual who requests proof of your license.
8. File away a copy of the English translation along with your records. If anything happens to either one, you will still have another copy!


How much does it cost to translate a Ukrainian driver's?

The price for translating a Ukrainian driver’s license will vary depending on the provider, and you may have to pay additional fees or produce proof of your citizenship in order to convert your license.

Is Ukraine driving license valid in Europe?

A Ukrainian driving license is not valid in Europe. In order to legally drive a car in any European country, you need to obtain an international driving permit before departing for your trip.

How long does it take to translate a Ukrainian driver's license?

Depending on the length of the license, translating a Ukrainian driver’s license can take between one and three weeks. There are some translation agencies who will do it faster, but they usually come with a hefty price tag!

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