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How To Say I Am Sorry In 10 Different Languages?

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2022)


Being genuinely sorry for your actions can help you mend relationships and keep you out of legal trouble.

While it’s generally easier to apologize in your native language, there are still ways to express your remorse in foreign languages as well—even if you’re not fluent in the language.

Here are some ways to say I’m sorry in 10 different languages.

How to Say I am Sorry in Spanish – perdón?

In Spanish, the word perdón is used as a formal version of sorry. It is used to refer to when someone has hurt another person or if they have messed up themselves.

There are many times that this is appropriate, like if someone steps on your foot or if you make a mess on your pants. If somebody calls you something bad and then apologizes, use it then too.

A formal situation would be apologizing to someone at work for doing something wrong or making a mistake.

A casual situation would be apologizing for knocking over their coffee while sitting next to them at Starbucks.

How to Say I am Sorry in French – pardon?

Pardonner is a very formal way to say sorry. Depending on the situation, it can be translated as Excuse me, Pardon me, or I beg your pardon.

In French, there are two words for excuse-Moi and Pardonnez-moi. If you want to be less formal, you can use Moi instead of Pardonnez-moi. Read about: Differences and similarities between French and Italian language.

Note that Moi is feminine so if you are saying excuse me to a man then use excusez-moi. If you need to apologize or say sorry in any other manner, the phrase would depend on the situation and could be translated as Please forgive me, Would you please forgive me? or You’re right.

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How to Say I am Sorry in Chinese?

There are many different ways to say sorry in Chinese, and it can depend on the context. You might use 抱歉 (bàoqiàn) if you bump into someone or drop something, 请谅解 (qǐng liáojiě) when breaking off a relationship, or 对不起 (duìbuqǐ) as a general apology.

These are all polite expressions that may be appropriate depending on the situation. To apologize for doing something, you can say: 不好意思,对不起。 (bùhǎo yìsi, duìbuqǐ).

Examples of situations where an apology is necessary could include accidentally spilling coffee on someone, offending them with a joke, not showing up at an event they were invited to.

The first step is always recognizing what you did wrong – after this it’s important to own up to your mistake by using language that shows sincerity.

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How to Say I am Sorry in Italian – mi dispiace?

Mi dispiace is a commonly used Italian phrase meaning I am sorry. If you feel like you’re about to do something that will harm another person, for example accidentally running into them, saying this will show them that you are sorry and at the same time lessen the degree of their discomfort.

A perfect way to use this phrase would be if someone’s foot is tapping yours under the table and it is making you feel uncomfortable.

You could ask Mi dispiace, le fa male il piede? which translates as It hurts your foot? and with luck they might take their feet away so that your leg has some room.

How to Say I am Sorry in German – es tut mir leid?

In Germany, when somebody says sorry or something goes wrong, Germans are likely to say es tut mir leid. Es tut mir leid translates to English as it does not seem good which kind of reflects the apology.

Germans might also apologize with Entschuldigen Sie bitte, which can be translated to English as excuse me please.

This phrase is often used if someone bumps into another person or spills a drink on someone’s jacket. When somebody apologizes this way they might ask if they can help the other person fix their problem and offer compensation for any damage that has been done.

How to Say I am Sorry in Hindi – अगर आप सही कर रहे हैं, तो मुझे अधिकार दे

The Hindi word for sorry is अगर आप सही कर रहे हैं. It translates to if you’re right, then I have to be right too. This phrase expresses the humility of a person and can be translated as If I am wrong, you are also wrong or If I am right, you are also right.

One can apologize with this phrase by saying: if I am wrong then you are also right. A nice apology in Indonesian could be Maafkan saya.

Saya mengerti apa yang telah saya lakukan dan izinkan saya untuk meminta maaf atas apapun yang terjadi, which translates to Forgive me. I understand what I did and allow me to ask forgiveness for anything that happened.

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How to Say I am Sorry in Russian – извините

In Russian, the word for sorry is извините. To say sorry you can also use the phrases spasibo or izvinite.

Spasibo is used more often as a general expression of gratitude and appreciation. Izvinite, on the other hand, translates to excuse me, not an apology.

It’s used to get someone’s attention or ask them to move so that you may pass through. It’s basically the equivalent of saying pardon.

How to Say I am Sorry in Greek – συγνώμη

The word for sorry in Greek is συγνώμη. This is a short and sweet way to say that you’re sorry. A more formal way of saying sorry could be εἰσακόπησα, which means I upset but carries the connotation of I caused an error.

The verbs εἰσακόπημαι or διερωτῆμαι are good ways to say are you feeling ok? if the person has been crying or seems down.

How to Say I am Sorry in Portuguese – desculpe-me/preciso de lhe pedir desculpas

Portuguese is one of the beautiful languages, with melodic words and a rich history. In many Latin-American countries this language is not just the mother tongue but also has become the symbol of their culture.

Portuguese speakers number around 213 million in the world, mostly from Brazil, Portugal and Angola.

The Portuguese use a lot of desculpe-me for I am sorry. Here are two ways to say I am sorry in Portuguese: desculpe-me/preciso de lhe pedir desculpas which is translated as excuse me/I need to ask you for an apology.

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How to Say I am Sorry in Polish – przepraszam

There are many different ways to say sorry. Here’s how to say sorry in Polish. Przepraszam is the word for sorry and is used to express regret or sorrow when something has gone wrong.

You can use przepraszam at any time, such as when you have offended someone or made a mistake of some kind.

It can also be used to apologize for being late or not coming home on time. If you want to make your apology more formal, then consider adding bardzo przepraszam (very sorry) before the phrase.

For example: Bardzo przepraszam za rozbójników (Very sorry about the robbery).


How do you say sorry in India?

The word for sorry in Hindi is असला āsalā, which literally means being truth. The apology can be made by saying I am sorry, असला āsalā.

How do you say sorry in code?

With code, a proper apology can take many forms, but the main goal is to make sure you have said sorry and also told someone that it won’t happen again. Here are some ways: 1) Person A spilled something on person B. Person A will clean up Person B’s spill.

How do you say sorry in Singapore?

Singaporeans generally do not like apologizing. You can convey the same sentiment with an English expression, or you can say let bygones be bygones or sore-yori gomen nasai.

How do you say sorry in Rome?

Cortesemente means kindly or courteously and it’s the perfect word to say sorry. There are tons of French expressions you can use to show remorse as well, like merci beaucoup, désolé, je m’excuse.

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