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How to use translation services to expand your business

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

You may be getting translation services for your business to cater to your existing clients, partners or employees, but you should also consider to use those services on your website to expand business and attract new clients. It may be hard to believe for some, but English speakers, be it natives or secondary language speakers, only make up 20% of the entire world and there are countries who can not understand a word of English.  Even if they could understand it a little, they would rather find a company with a website that they can understand than spend time deciphering the English.

Use translation services to expand your business

Just by using translation services for the languages of countries which on the majority do not understand English, you would be setting out honey to attract millions- nay, billions- of new customer bees. Even if not all hits turn into sales, you are enhancing your firm’s online presence by padding your site content and increasing traffic, thus improving your brand recognition and name recall, not just at home, but internationally as well.

We are lucky to be living in an age when internet is readily available anywhere. A few years ago it would have been hard work to establish an overseas base, much harder to obtain overseas clients or partners while in your home base. It takes only translation services for your website to be able to expand business. Why should you ignore the opportunity, especially one that is as easy to accomplish as this?

By using translations you can understand and accomplish the necessary local government requirements and contracts to expand business at an overseas base. Once you are established, translation services will help you promote your goods or services at the location itself. The translation agency will translate your certificate of warranty and instruction manuals. Moreover, they will help you make lasting contacts and build relationships. It only takes comparatively little investment on translation services to rake in millions.

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