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The Importance Of Human Translators And Human Translations

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2018)

The great debate of computer versus human translators! We hear it all the time, at the water cooler and in conferences, the industry is dying to become computer dependent. We want the computers to translate for us and are continually striving to make computer translations perfect. Will they ever replace human translations? Will human linguists become obsolete? Let’s find out!

What is the secret in translating your website?

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The Post- Globalization Scene

Why is it that we want computers to get our jobs? Every other industry workers want to keep their jobs and want to stop scientists from inventing machines that can replace humans. Why is USA Translate discussing about computer dependent translation versus human translators? While we are not using machine translation, it looks like the industry is aiming for more computer dependent translation because they have a lot of content to translate and want to get it as cheap as possible.

The thing is, ever since the world has gone global, we need a translation that is incredibly high. We have more need for translation than ever before and not enough translators. Translation industry feels that if the machine also conducted the reading, they will have more profit and could be better used to their clients.

The problem is that the translation industry is not there yet. That is the only issue, but it is a big one. If the computerized translation industry was about to produce translations that were accurate, nuanced, had perfect grammar and were coming out with a precise interpretation of the context like human translations; we would have been working with computer translators. But that technology is so far into the future; we cannot even imagine it at this point. That makes us think that we are better off with the translators that we have.

About the accuracy

Did you notice that we elaborated extensively on the accuracy of the content? The industry came up with almost all of those terms in the past twenty years. Up until the past twenty years; there was no definition for any of these terms. Individuals felt around these topics and came up with a translation that was closest to serving the meaning. But then the industry grew severe and more accountable; all of these terms were standardized and proper training and certification institutions sprung up across the city. This was when the translation industry came up with these terms. We are new to standardizing the translation system itself. Perhaps, once the roots of the industry have grown stronger and have taken more shape; the human translators will be ready for a more computerized system of translation.

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Human Translators

SO for the next fifty years; we are all better off with the human translators; because they can take care of many things that have to be accounted for when a person is translating. The translation is best conducted when you have the complete awareness of all sides of the process. That cannot be promised by a computer and can only be delivered by a human.

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