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The Importance of Technical Jargon in Translation

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2022)

No matter what profession you’re in, you’ll likely find yourself working with some jargon, whether it’s translation-related or not. Technical jargon (technical translation services), however, can be one of the trickiest to navigate. It can be hard to communicate exactly what you mean using technical terms. You need to know how technical jargon can affect your work as a translator in the translation industry and how you can use it effectively. This article will discuss what technical jargon is and how to manage it in your translations effectively.

An Overview of Technical Translation

Technical translation requires a unique set of skills like specialized vocabulary to communicate with technical experts effectively.

Technical jargon, for example, is more prevalent than you might think but is critical for accurate communication. Here’s an overview of technical translation to give you a better idea of how it works and why technical jargon is so essential.

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technical terms in translation

How Important is Technical Translation?

Technical translation is a type of human translators based service—which focuses on translation projects, from the source language to the target language, like legal, medical, scientific, and other specialized texts—relies heavily on technical jargon. This is important to keep in mind when translating technical material.

By understanding your client’s industry and previous experience in that industry, you can guarantee that your clients get a translation they are happy with.

What Are Technical Terms, Anyway?

In technical translation services, technical terms are words that have a specific meaning. A big part of your job as a translator is to use these technical terms accurately and consistently throughout your work.

If you mess up even one of these terms, then you’re essentially breaking language barriers—potentially frustrating customers or hurting your company’s reputation. So it’s worth investing time into learning about technical jargon!

importance technical jargon in translation
important technical jargon translation

Does Technical Language Have an Impact on Translation Quality?

It is well known that technical language directly impacts translation quality. When translations are carried out without translators understanding definition of terms and jargon, they often leave out important information and can become very confusing for end-users. Know more about: Why Use Professional Translation Service For Technical Translations?

Consider an online product purchase as an example: if all parts of your site, including descriptions and specifications, are translated into another language with the only adequate skill level required to pass inspection, errors might occur when a customer is trying to work with your product. In worst-case scenarios there may be dangerous consequences!

How Does a Professional Translator Deal with Technical Terms in Their Work?

Well, as with most things, it depends on your experience and domain knowledge. For example, if you work with law firms frequently or even specialized legal terms on a daily basis, technical jargon will be second nature to you.

But for a beginner translator or someone who doesn’t deal with these fields much, it might be a bit more daunting.

That’s why consulting an experienced translator can make all the difference!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are technical jargons?

It is defined as the knowledge of technical words that belongs to a specific field of translation which are only understand by the people who works in that area.

Why is terminology important in translation?

Terminology is an important element in high quality technical translations, specially when translating a specialized area. It require subject matter expert. Like medical terminology and legal documents are done by house experts only.

The specialized documents aim to inform and their target audience may be specialists or professionals within the area, because they are familiar with the area’s specialized terminology that the translator must know in order to translate.

What is the importance of technical translation?

Technical translation is a highly skilled task but is very important in our globalized world. These high-quality translations need to be done by professional technical translator only as it demands accurate translations as improper translation costs them a fortune!

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