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More Income Opportunities for Freelance Translators

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)

Freelance translators have some great advantages over in-house translators: they can work on any project, at any time they want, according to their way of living and their schedules. As such, they have enough time to take on extra jobs that match their interests and personalities.

Extra income opportunities for freelance translators

The world of freelancers

Today’s world is the world of freelancers. Most companies and organizations prefer a virtual team than a physical one. It saves them money, time, effort of interviewing, hiring and recruiting people and they don’t require any special physical space for them. Freelance translators are also blessed in this regard. The demand of freelance translators is rising every day for obvious reasons.

But here’s the thing, a freelance translator can enjoy extra income by using their own flexibility. The time bound environment of an office doesn’t allow employees to work more but for freelance translators, there’s no such rule as office timings. And with this advantage at hand, freelance translators can work for different clients at different hours. They can even work for multiple translation companies choosing their own hours and in the end of the month, they can buy their favorite accessory without giving it a second thought.

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Here are 6 tips that could help a freelance translator make some extra cash

1. Get to know other freelance translators

Sometimes, getting to know other freelance translators who might share the same interests as you might be beneficial. Forming a partnership with another colleague who is good at something you’re missing will allow you to package your skills and be able to attract extra customers. By doing this you can promote your own work but also expand your reach.

2. Launch a new product or service.

Freelance translators can form a partnership with programmers and together they can offer other services like android translation or software localization.

3. Become an instructor.

If you’re really good at both your languages, you could teach others. There are several ways you could teach someone a language but the most suitable one would be online instruction. You can also teach others how to become freelance translators as well.

4. Write a book.

You can always write a book about being a translator or how to become one. If you’re good at CAT tools, you can write a guide on how to use them. Put your book on sale at online book stores like Amazon. This will provide you with an extra income stream.

5. Set up a blog

Weblogs are quite easy to set up and there are multiple online platforms where you can have a free blog in minutes. Writing a blog can attract more clients but the blog can also be used as an advertising medium for retailers. Choose your topic of interest and start writing. If you are consistent at it and the subject is interesting, you will soon have your own audience and people interested in advertising on your blog will soon show up.

6. Create a website

You can use a free CMS software like WordPress to create your own site, all you need is a domain name and a hosting package, which can be acquired quite cheap these days. Having your own site will allow you to advertise yourself and your services. It will also give you enough room to sell advertisement space. It will open up new opportunities for you. Want even more? Translate your own website and you’ll double your chances of getting more clients.

It is fairly easy for freelance translators to put the above ideas into practice. Just keep it at and you will see results shortly.

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