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Legal Document Translation as the Most Challenging Profession

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2017)

Legal document translation means transferring a legal document from one language to another. Legal systems in all countries are different and under the influence of their cultures. Because of their influence, legal translation has become more difficult for professional translators.

In the world of modern legal work, a good translation is essential. With the growing number of international cases and documents, the importance of good translators is more valued. There are too many people, so communication requires speed. This is good because more companies cooperate and, therefore, there are more documents to be translated. Legal document translation is at its peak now, starting from translation of passports to the difficult work of translating legal documents in international legal cases.

Professional legal translators, whose specialization area is law, are the only ones who can perform certified translation services. In order to become one, you must obtain a certificate from the Association for American Translators (AAT). The AAT was developed to provide translators and interpreters with enough skills and knowledge. Currently, 11,000 translators are members of the AAT, from 90 different countries. They all work in different areas such as interpreters, translators, teachers, software and website developers, project managers, or in hospitals, universities, and government agencies.

There are special demands one need to have in order to become a certified translator. The translation of legal language must match the text with the culture of the target language. A professional translator must possess excellent knowledge of the authorized system from which the document comes. A translator must have knowledge about such documents and rights set up for the involved individuals. They must have perfect knowledge of trusts, wills, certificates of accuracy, and articles of incorporation.

Law dictionaries are obligatory for legal document translation

A professional translator must participate in legal events: signing contracts, purchase agreement, legal certifications, legal rulings, export reports, arbitration, and many more.

Salaries and statuses of professional legal translators are fabulous. They range from 30,000 to 90,000 dollars. Their status is better, because their growth in the legal profession is much faster than for regular translators. Factors that contribute to their growth are international connections and greater boost of speakers of other languages in the US.

Legal document translation is of vital importance, and that is why the source documents are necessary to be read and studied carefully. Legal professionals must process these documents, and this is not possible if there is a language barrier. For this reason, legal document translation probably occupies the highest place in the whole translation industry today.

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