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Legal Translation Services For Investors

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

Legal Translation Services For Investors

It is challenging to run international business operations if you are unable to communicate with the right language. The current global economy requires the financial services industry to conduct their business operations in different nations with various languages like English, Chinese Arabic, and Spanish to reach its projected business outcomes and to remain with the international standards for businesses. This type of services now play an essential role in the global operations of companies. Globalization made working with international clients, customers, and partners are more important than ever.

Translation in the Business Sector

Translation services are essential on all international businesses, including accounting firms working on international audits or taxation, an investment bank managing overseas mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or cross-border underwriting issuance of stock securities. English is indeed the most commonly used language in the business world. However, understanding other languages is also important. Choosing not to convert document articles into Spanish, Russian, or Chinese can be one of the biggest mistakes in business, especially if you are in the financial sector. Many individuals whose first language is not English preferred to read contents in their native tongue. Localization plays an essential role in ensuring that foreign readers understand your content.

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The recent report of the EuroBarometer implied that English is significantly less popular than what English speakers believe. The report showed that only 5.2 percent of people in Russia speak English fluently, 5 percent in Brazil, and less than 0.75 percent in China. If based on the population of the three nations, it is evident that failure to change content can cost businesses a fortune. Modern companies now realize that it comes with a big opportunity. Many companies want their documents and content translate into other languages like Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Indonesian, and Malay to avail a more inclusive business environment. Sales could go up if customers from other nations could understand the content of your business.

Translation Outsourcing


Companies usually outsource instead of converting their files on their own. Companies recognize the efficiency, affordability, and experience of many companies in converting into other languages. These agencies can offer a wide variety of packages for investors, and they usually go with a cheaper cost compared with recruiting and training your team of in-house writers. There is an infinite number of conversion firms and sites that caters the need of businesses.

Other companies hire freelance legal experts for their businesses. Companies like these are experts in ensuring that business operations are understood in their preferred language. The following sites offer legal services for clients who are engaged in businesses:

Translation for Lawyers

The blog tackles the need for professional legal and financial translation services to translate multilingual documents pertaining to global pension funds and the need for legal translation services for EB-5 immigrant investors. Its services include financial document translation services, banking services, and insurance document translation services in all languages. The firm will answer your conversion needs in marketing materials, financial reports, e-commerce documents, and confidential business papers in your native language. It also assures that you can handle different languages and unique cultures when you do business with companies and clients all over the world and when you require certified and Apostille translation of corporate documents from any language or English. The firm is also useful if you are translating investigation documents, accident reports, disclosure statements, enrollment forms, or summary plan descriptions.


The site provides a list of professionals that offers their expertise in translating to languages like English, German, Dutch and others. The writers on the website offer translation, proofreading, editing, medical translation, and other language-related services.

Straker Translations

The site offers high-quality legal document translation services. The website is useful in assessing a potential cross-border dispute, starting an M&A due diligence project, or launching an international investigation. The firm is useful in quickly and efficiently building a case. The company provides a wide range of legal advice and options that are important in making decisions in the time-sensitive and complicated legal environment.

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The website offers a full range of multilingual content support services that include digital marketing for web and mobile, financial reports and regulatory materials, research services, thought leadership, and specialist writing, and software and training material development. Lionbridge writers have two years decades of experience in working with various documents that covers all aspects of the financial sector including discretionary marketing collateral, regulatory materials (fund prospectuses, articles of association, financial statements and annual reports, PRIIP KIDS, and UCITS KIIDS), investment, performance, and market reports, equity and bond research notes, disclaimers and fund regulations, specialist articles, financing and licensing agreements, and asset management agreements. The site can also provide marketing materials like digital and traditional discretionary marketing collateral to sales aids, and pitch books, product fact sheets, and email campaigns.

Cultures Connection

The website provides Arabic financial translation services. The firm offers the services of its skilled translators and proofreaders who are well trained Arabic financial professionals. The firm ensures that its writers are selected on the basis of their qualification and were subjected to rigorous testing to be hired by the company. The firm has experience in Key investor information documents (KIID), leaflets, investment fund reports, activity reports, balance sheets, stock exchange, bank documents, financial information documents, investigation papers, risk management and asset management documents, audit reports, and texts concerning mergers and acquisitions.

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