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Marketing Translation: Why You Need To Translate Your Marketing Materials

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

When you’re focused as a company to expand your operations into new markets and attract a larger number of potential customers, you should know that translation is an important factor to achieve this. In this case you need to find a translation services agency that will accurately translate marketing materials of your new products in the language spoken by your target audience. By translation you can give additional information to potential customers and reach a diverse audience from different speaking regions, by publication of your materials through the international media and mass media worldwide.

Translate marketing materials as a quick step to the global market

All modern and advanced companies seek to expand their influence beyond their original country. In order to achieve success outside their territory, to translate marketing materials is a necessary step. Announcements relating to all the news about your products or services you provide, translated into the language of the category of target consumers must be appropriate and adapted according to the target language category. It is important that all materials be linguistically and culturally close to them.

Always aim to use well-renowned translators, who are experts in their work to achieve this goal. Pay attention while you are writing the source text, and the translator should pay attention while translating your announcements. Always use short understandable information and simple pieces of basic marketing materials. It is important that your linguist be a professional that can handle your translation in an appropriate manner.

The translation of your announcements contain industry-specific information. This kind of translation usually contains a different dictionary which must correspond to the specific product you are promoting.

Therefore, it is important to engage an adequate translator, especially when it comes to statements that use technical or medical terminology or technical characteristics of any software. It is desirable that your translator has previous experience in this sphere.

Remember to pinpoint terms, not to translate them. An example of this is the name of the company, which is usually not translated but maintains its original name, unless there is a proper replacement of the company name in a target language. The name of the company as a statement in the international market is a unique brand and should be pinpointed not translated. The website and brand names of the products should receive the same treatment as the name of your company. It is best in this case to preserve the original language, and when you use professional marketing translation, the translators will know what to do.

To avoid such errors, it is the best to provide your translator with a list of terms that should not be translated, only to be transferred with the original name. Like this, you can shorten the time required for verification and correction of these terms.

But there are some companies that do not want to keep the original and require them to be translated. They believe this way they can avoid similarity of announcements with the same content by competing companies.

All the things that were pointed out above can provide you with translation that would be well suited to support your corporate brand and properly translate marketing materials for press releases worldwide.

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