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Passing on the language torch – studying languages

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

Languages are considered a true statement for the world’s cultural diversity, making them very important for the people and the planet. At the same time, as a down-side of globalization, traditions, the unique ways of thinking and expressing are starting to get lost. This is where studying languages comes to the rescue.

Reasons for studying languages

The Bullock Report

The Bullock Report which was a UK government report published in 1975, mentioned that “no child should be expected to cast off the language and the culture of the home as he crosses the school threshold, nor to live and act as though school and home represent two totally separate and different cultures which have to be kept firmly apart. The curriculum should reflect many elements of that part of his life, which a child lives outside school.”

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Studying Languages

Studying languages does not just involve memorizing long lists of words, studying tricky grammatical structures and getting your tongue around strange accents – though it is about all these things too! It involves getting involved in another culture, a new way of looking at the world associated with a new way of speaking.

Besides the training of the mind, studying languages gives you the ability to interact with people who speak those languages. It makes you a globally-minded person with a greater view on how culture, language, and history are connected for people all over the world. It provides insight on the basic human need for expression of ideas through language as well.

Ultimately, if you want to be of service or help others who cannot speak or understand a specific language like Spanish, you can serve as a Spanish translator for them. Your understanding of languages can allow you to be the star of someone else’s life, or it can make you a great asset to a business or company.

Why studying languages is beneficial?

The number of reasons for studying languages is pretty high, and here are some of them:

  • Studying languages gives the ability to interact with people outside their community.
  • Learning a language can widen the cultural horizon and also shows determination.
  • The number of career opportunities increases with the number of languages spoken by an individual, especially for companies active on the international market.
  • Studying languages can help anyone not to miss any business opportunities.
  • Even scientists need languages, considering that many have to travel and work internationally.

For a perfect implementation when teaching a language, especially to children, educators can resort to different strategies

  • One of them would be to encourage the children to verbally interact and also maintain a conversation.
  • Another one would be to create an environment for group discussions between adults and children.
  • The language modelling strategy widens the child’s language skills.

It is very important that, as they grow up, these children should be encouraged to continue on this multilingualism path even in college and then at university, as this way they will be able to profit from what they started.

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