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Process of How to Get an Catalan Spanish Translation

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2021)

Catalan Spanish Translation

As you travel around the world, it’s important to remember that the official language of a country is not always what the locals are speaking. And Spain is a prime example. Are you a native Catalan or Spanish speaker? You can’t be both. Do you think that Catalan and Spanish are the same languages? Do you have to get a Spanish translation of your documents written in the Catalan language? To address all of these questions, USA Translate is providing this detailed blog of Catalan Spanish translation.

You may need translation services in the Spanish language for different purposes but the process can vary based on the company to whom you’re getting the services. If you choose us, we will make sure to provide you with the best of our services. We meet the superior translation standards of the Fortune 500 and we will surely meet yours too!

To get your queries solved about the Catalan and Spanish languages, you’ve come to the right place. Further, if you need any guidance about the translation process and the sensitivity of this topic, just read along with this blog. So, let’s start.

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catalan translator

Catalan vs. Spanish

Catalan is a semi-official language in Catalonia. But it is completely recognized as a separate language and not a dialect of Spanish. Although both of them are Romance languages they belong to different branches. Spanish is from Iberian-Romance (which includes Portuguese) and Catalan is from Gallo-Romance (which includes French).  Both Spanish and Catalan date back to the Romans. Although Spanish culture and literature are well known, Catalan also has a fine cultural and literary tradition dating back to the early middle ages. Catalan is spoken by 11 million people. It is completely different from Spanish. If you start to read a little Catalan, you will see just how much that is true. Although it has some small similarities to Spanish, it is also a bit like French.

Catalan Spanish Translation

In Catalonia, there are around four languages that have official status including Catalan, Spanish which is official throughout Spain, Aranese (a dialect of Occitan), and Catalan Sign Language. Since every Catalan speaker doesn’t need to comprehend Spanish, you will need to get a Catalan translation of your documents in this case and vice versa.

If your matter is legal, you must get a professional translation. Although most Catalan speakers know Spanish because they studied it at school but Spanish speakers who haven’t studied will face problems in understanding Catalan.

Due to the differences and similarities between both languages, many times there are issues of translation between them. But the West agencies state that translation into a minority language like Catalan is truly an ill-studied and poorly understood phenomenon. Catalan Spanish also plays a role as a language pair but the concepts of direct and reverse translation are not very useful and precise in this language combination. It is because the closeness of these two tongues does not guarantee success in translation. By changing translation practice and moving boundaries, one can understand these language pairs more adequately. Whether it is a minor language or the native language of a country, you will still need translation services if it’s a requirement.

Process of how to get a Catalan Spanish translation 

Now when you know about the Catalan Spanish language pair, you may wonder about the process of translation from this language pair into a foreign language. In the 15th century, it was once marked that Catalan reached an extent where people considered Catalonia a Spanish-speaking country. But only until the 17th century, both languages got their official statuses and recognition. Whatever target language you choose, understand one thing that the existences of translation between both lingoes vary according to their period of established history.

When any two languages share the same socio-geographical space, coexistence becomes the main conditioning factor that defines a linguistic combination and is also the axis around which all other factors take place. Despite the cultural dynamic and power balances of both tongues, the process through which you can get Catalan Spanish translation is given below:

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Step 1 – Hire a translation agency

In the professional marketplace, it is very important to get the right direction of translation. It is because your direction of translation will determine whether the audience can comprehend your text or not. Your first step in this regard is to hire a translation agency or look for a qualified translator who excels in both languages. Since you are getting translation services of a language pair, it can get difficult. Make sure to choose your partner wisely. USA Translate can become your best companion in this regard. Consider us and we will surely not disappoint you.

Step 2 – Explain the details

Based on the feedback and ratings of translation agencies, you can choose one. Now your next step is to communicate with the company. One major benefit of working with us is that we provide an online translation service so you don’t need to visit our office to specifically hand over the documents. You can send all the details and documents via email or text. No matter where you are, around the corner or 10,000 miles away, the procedure for requesting a Free Quote and subsequent translation is always the same.

In your email, make sure to specify the target language and enlighten your translator if you want him to follow any specific format for your translation.

Step 3 – Translation Cost

This is like the foremost question of every client. People think that it is not possible to get high-quality translations without paying high dues. But we make it possible for you! We usually provide written, binding flat quotes after having seen your documents. These quotes are based on language pair/direction, word count, and several other factors, such as terminology, layout, or regular/rush processing. If you’re someone highly concerned about your dues, make sure to discuss everything prior. Further, we charge no extra penny on revisions and proofreadings. Read this to know What is the Highest Paying Translation Job?

Step 4 – Decide your Deadline 

When you get an online translation service, it is safe to get your work a few days before the exact deadline. Your translation may have errors or naturally need revision, so you should keep some safe time. You don’t have to worry about the quality of translation because all of our translations are certified and come with a triple guarantee. For official uses, a formal written certification consisting of a sworn statement (affidavit) is issued. This statement may be notarized where indicated.

After deciding the suitable deadline, just wait for the date. It is not appropriate to remind the translator a million times about the date and time.

Step 5 – Get your work

After all these steps, lastly, get your translated document from the translation agency or the professional translator you’ve hired. Once you have received our quote, you simply send us an email that you wish to go ahead. After your payment, you will receive the translation exactly in line with our previous quote. After receiving your document, you can check it as many times as you want. We aim to satisfy our customers a hundred percent. Therefore, if there is any change that you might desire or the document needs revision, simply send us back the document along with the details. We’ll sort it out for you!

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