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(Last Updated On: January 10, 2022)

Certificate of Death in Japan

Do you require a death certificate for a member of your family or a close relative in Japan? Do you have any questions about the procedure? There is no need to be concerned. We’ll go over every facet of death certificates in this post, as well as how they’re employed in various government operations. If you live in a foreign nation, you will additionally require translation of these documents.

Any official document, such as a birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, legal document translation, or a document for foreign citizenship, should not be translated by an untrustworthy source. These documents necessitate accurate translations, which are frequently certified translation services.

A birth certificate, for example, is a document created at the time of birth. It performs two primary functions: first, it serves as an identity document until the person reaches the age of majority. Government agencies also require certified copies of such documents with original copies.

So if you need any of your legal original documents in a foreign land you may also need its English translation. Whether it’s English language translation or any other language translation, the accuracy of translation is a must.

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What is the Purpose of a Death Certificate?

A death certificate is a legal document that certifies a person’s death. So these are the three types of information that can be found on a certificate:

  • The date of death
  • The place of a person’s death
  • The reason for death

There are numerous reasons for death, including the following:

  • Respiratory problems

Ischemic heart disease (IHD) is a type of heart disease that occurs when

  • Respiratory disease

Cerebrovascular disease (CVD) is a condition that affects the brain.

Only the deceased person’s family can request a death certificate from government officials in most nations. Parents, legal heirs, spouses, and so on. To obtain such a certificate from a family member in Japan, you do not need to follow any strict procedures. In Japan, the technique differs from location to place. You can receive a health certificate from the minister of health in most parts of the country. It is critical to obtain a death certificate because, in Japan, a person cannot be buried without a death certificate.

It also aids the Japanese government in keeping track of death records, which is the state’s registration system. Like, a Birth record is kept by birth certificates and every birth on documents presented on documents. As a result, obtaining a death certificate in Japan is not a difficult process.

You can simply obtain a gold-grade death certificate signed by medical specialists in Japan. You can check the death certificate translation template online. And don’t forget to check blanks translation templates of foreign birth certificates and death certificates.

What is the Purpose of a Death Certificate?

When applying for admission to schools, colleges, and universities, a birth certificate is required. When transferring from one school to another, this can happen. However, if you want to apply to an institution in another nation where the native language is different, you’ll require an original birth certificate translation.

A birth certificate is required by several government agencies for various purposes. And the number on your ID card is the same as the one on your birth certificate. The following are a few of them:

  • The burial procedure
  • Making a life insurance claim
  • Assisting with the settlement of estates
  • Pensions and other benefits

These are some of the most common uses for the certificate, and it is also highly significant in Japan because you cannot bury a family member without a death certificate. There is no such rule in some other countries, but it is required in Japan.

What is the procedure for obtaining a death certificate in Japan?

This is how you may simply obtain a death certificate if someone dies in Japan. Death certificates, like all other medical certifications, are available from health authorities. To obtain a death certificate in Japan, you must first contact the police or the health authorities.

There is no need to notify the police if the individual died in the hospital, but you must call the police if the death was not pleasant. You’ll need two major documents to complete the process after requesting the certificate.

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  • National identification card/travel visa
  • A blank application form

Then you must offer them details about the deceased person. Name, sex, permanent residence, marital status, cause of death, time of death, and site of death are among the details. If you have any questions about the fees or eligibility for a death certificate, you can contact the Ministry of Health. However, in areas of Japan where the Ministry of Health does not provide such a certificate, you can simply obtain one from the police or a hospital. It assists the government in maintaining a mortality registration system and keeping track of the mortality rate ratio and mortality hazards to keep them under control.

Certified Japanese Translation of Death Certificate

Now the question is, why do you need those certifications translated? When people die in another state with a different official language, they can get a translation of their death certificate. For instance, suppose you are from the United States and you die in Japan while on vacation. These death certificates are issued by the Japanese health minister or relative health authorities.

Then you’ll need the date certificate in your local language, which is initially in Japanese. There are a variety of other reasons why people require translations of those documents, such as if the person owned property in another state and now his or her legal heirs wish to claim it. They’ll need to translate the death certificate. Regular translations do not work for official papers. Certified translation requirement is different for official documents.

Original documents in other languages cannot be used in different states, which is why certified translation is so crucial.

Certified Translation Costs

The creation of such documents does not result in a long bill. Many reputable translation firms offer certification services at reasonable rates with the help of qualified translators. The primary objective of document copies is to protect original documents. To complete the documentation, most persons require over ten copies of death certificates for various purposes.

We cannot entrust our original documents, especially official documents such as identification cards, birth and death certificates, and so on, to just anybody. These certified copies are signed by an authorized person. Using them on purpose, on the other hand, necessitates the adoption of additional procedures, such as expert translation of the source articles. You may require certified copies of your documents for a variety of reasons. It sometimes costs an additional processing fee.

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Who can translate death certificates?

A certified translator has received a degree or certificate in translating. He isn’t your run-of-the-mill interpreter. He was well-versed in translation and had a good understanding of the industry. The certified translation document bears the signature of an authorized person. It’s almost as though it’s proof of the translation’s accuracy. The Ministry of Health, a police officer, or a hospital is the authority and the Notary Public in the case of death certificates. You can also go to a Notary Public office for a notarized translation. Foreign language documents require certified translation.

For accurate death certificate translation, certified translators are preferred. You need a qualified translator for this type of translation. Official documents like valid passports, credit cards, birth certificates, death certificates, social security documents, divorce certificates, personal common documents, business secondary documents, and additional documents need an exact translation. Sometimes notary services and certified translations are additional requirements. Any good translation company can provide translation certification and notary services.

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