Technical Translation Quality Compromisers and the Solution to It

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2019)

Technical Translations

What is the technical translation – technically addressing? Technical translation includes the translation of texts such as owner’s manuals, user guides, DFUs, IFUs, and technical documents written by technical editors. Any text that links to technological or document that provides
scientific and technological information is considered professional translation as well. Even though technical documentation is full of specific terminology, technical translation goes beyond correct translation of basic terminology; the translator must hold great overall subject matter
expertise in addition to knowing and adhering to writing rules.


However, since only 10 – 15% of content is terminology and the rest is natural language, it is equally essential that the technical translator understands how culture and technology are affecting several essential factors. These factors include the application and grammar of the translated documents in the target language, market, and locale and therefore bring in a culturally appropriate and naturally flowing style and carry the correct meaning without rendering a literal translation.

Whatever your domain is, your business probably needs technical translations, either infrequently or frequently. Technical translation is essential when your business is located in several different countries or wants to launch a product in the international market. The product manual and connected documentation must be translated into all related languages.

As a translation company, USA Translate offers you:

  • Responsive project supervisors who will select the right technical translator for your project.
  • The knowledge to work in a range of various formats.
  • The experience to create a glossary for your approval, giving you full control over the titles used.

Technical translation services offered by our translation agency are always of the highest quality and delivered on time. When it comes to a technical document translation, it is necessary that you or your business have a professional translator on board who has in-depth business knowledge, alongside a conversance of specialized technical jargon.

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