why use a technical translator

Why technical translations require a technical translator with experience in this field?

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

Technical translations are done for professional documents that are related to specific industries like software, retail, manufacturing, medicine, tourism, health, education, and more. These niches must be localized and translated by a technical translator which is considered as subject matter experts (SMEs). It is so in order to avoid unnecessary problems due to mistranslation and/or misrepresentation of certain terminologies, which any non-SME might overlook or neglect.

Why technical translations can’t be done by any translator?

why use a specialized linguist

A technical translator is a professional linguist who works as a SME translator. Such linguists are versed with any terminologies of their subject matter expertise. Thus, they can do the technical translation services needed for any document written on or for their field of expertise.

Expert technical translators who have been doing translations for their respective fields are a must for every technical translation needed. This is to ensure safety for the target audience, like in industrial niches, where documents are provided for machine operations and any other work related undertakings. This is also to promote better understanding of certain topics by guaranteeing the accuracy of the message conveyed.

Why use a technical translator?

If a technical translation is not done by a technical translator or SME, many problems may arise due to poor and/or inappropriate technical translation, including the following.

  • Inappropriate operation or improper use of equipment resulting to industrial accidents
  • Failures in infrastructures or company systems
  • Improper care delivered to patients in need
  • Inappropriate, offensive, or ineffective marketing materials
  • Instigated claims or compromised court cases
benefits of using a tech translator

However, if a technical translation is done and delivered by an SME, certain benefits may also be expected, and these include:

  • Outputs delivered have overall high quality translations
  • Questions asked during the translation process is minimized
  • Accurate translations provided for overall contents, terminologies, and regulated requirements of the technical niche
  • Cost-effective translations with faster turnaround time
  • Target audience reaction may be initially given by your translator as an insight on how your content will be accepted or reacted upon by its target community

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