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Things You Need to Know About Certified Translations

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

Certified translations

If you are applying for immigration to a country where English is not spoken as the primary language then you are required to submit certified translations of birth certificates of your children and your marriage certificate. You need to provide them with your degrees and qualifications too. Such translations are required to translate official and legal documents which are presented to authorities of countries where the native language is not yours. Certified translations are used to translate legal documents, civil registries, and educational transcripts. The translations do not require seals or stamp of court of Law.

For instance, while applying for visa for United Kingdom you are bound to submit certified translations of your official documents at UK border agency and other government regulatory bodies.

Sworn translations

On the contrary, sworn translations are those translations which require higher degree of faithfulness and accuracy. The sworn translator will take an oath that translated documents are accurate with respect to original document. Sworn documents are usually required for criminal proceedings at courts. Therefore, it is compulsory for a sworn translator to swear in front of the court that all translations done by him/her are valid and authentic.

Sworn documents are legally stamped documents which are accepted in all those countries where sworn translation is present. Sworn translations are stamped documents providing proof of its accuracy and authenticity. Another important feature of sworn translations is its seal and signature of the translator.

Where to get certified translations?

If you are looking for certified translations you can go to the internet and get the latest quotes for the documents that need to be translated. Similarly, for sworn translations you have to check the list of sworn translators on law abiding agencies’ websites and information centers. It is because sworn translations need more validity and requires legal procedures.

Unlike certified translators, you need to have a specific degree to practice as a sworn translator. There are two ways to become a sworn translator. Firstly, you can take up sworn translation subject at university as part of your specialization course in Translation and Interpreting degree, or you can pass the annual examination conducted by the office of Foreign Affairs.

When it comes to the United States, any translator can do certified translations without being “certified”. USA Translate is a translation company in USA which provides translations of legal documents such as immigration papers,  school and college diplomas, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce and adoption decrees, etc

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