Spanish English Dictionaries

Top 10 Spanish English Dictionaries

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

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Spanish English Dictionaries
Spanish English Dictionaries

English and Spanish:

Spanish is the world’s second most spoken native language and English is the most spoken language in the world by number of speakers. Both of these languages are being learned by millions of people today due to their importance. English is an official language in over sixty countries while Spanish enjoys the same position in over twenty different states. Both the tongues have worldwide reach. Due to the regular interaction between English and Spanish speakers, the number of English speakers trying to learn Spanish and Spanish speakers trying to learn English is always on the rise.

Top 10 Spanish English Dictionaries:


Dictionaries are a remarkable thing. They may not help you learn a tongue but they can improve your vocabulary. Here are the ten best Spanish-English dictionaries:


  1. Google Translate:

This may not be a specific dictionary for this language combination but it is pretty useful nonetheless. It has image and voice support and can be downloaded on your phone as an app.

  1. SpanishDict Translator:

One of the best dictionaries out there, this app has a simple interface and plenty of useful features. It has a pronunciation option so you can learn to speak the word as well as its meaning. This is an app dedicated to Spanish only which might make it more useful for some people.

  1. Spanish-English by eflasoft:

If you need something a little more than a dictionary, this app will do the trick. It not only has word meanings but also phrases translation. It is useful for tourists and students both. The most interesting part is the word games this app offers which will help in improving memory.

  1. Merriam-Webster Pocket Spanish-English Dictionary:

Everyone knows how great the dictionaries from Merriam-Webster are so if you are looking for a small book you can carry around with you, this is it. It has all the essential words for students.

  1. Spanish English Translator, Dictionary & Learning:

This is an app offered by Merriam-Webster which can help students with learning Spanish. It is an all in one app and offers translation and dictionary services. It has a pretty good user interface and has amazing features. It teaches words in a very creative way to keep the students interested.

  1. QuickDic Offline Dictionary:

Like its name, this app is quick to give you the results you require. It has an extensive database and will find you your desired results within seconds. If you don’t like to waste your time, you will love how quick this app is.

  1. com Dictionaries:

The best thing about this one is that you will get the meaning in the exact context you want. It is amazing for when you are learning a language and need to know multiple options for one word.

  1. cc:

With this, you will get access to dictionaries for multiple language combinations. This app also offers you the definition each time you look up a word.

  1. McGraw-Hill’s Spanish Picture Dictionary:

If picture dictionaries are your thing, you should get this one today. It’s not an app but it is still extensive and can be very beneficial for students.

  1. Dictionary Linguee:

This dictionary also offers support for multiple languages. Each time you look up a word, you will get example sentences along with the meaning. It also has an offline mode.

The above mentioned apps and books are highly useful and every Spanish enthusiast should have them.

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