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Top 5 productivity apps for business owners

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

Long gone are the days when a business owner had to stay in the office day and night in order to get things done. Advancements in technology made smartphones and tablets powerful enough to act as a personal assistant, so now you can run your business from just about anywhere.

Here are our top 5 productivity apps that we use every day

Microsoft Office has been a standard for desktops. You got so used to using Word, Excel and Powerpoint you’d hate to switch to something else. Well, you don’t have to. Apps were specifically created for small, touch capable screens so using Microsoft Office on your smartphone is a breeze. Having those productivity apps on your mobile device is a must if you are a business owner.

Outlook is a powerful app to keep up to date with your emails. Now you can easily connect to your business email accounts and check your email the same way you do at the office.

Google Drive should be on top of all the other productivity apps you have. It allows you to store a huge amount of files which you can quickly access from any device connected to the internet. It also allows you to edit your documents or presentations online and most important – you can easily share your work with your colleagues or employees.

Evernote is a must have amongst productivity apps. It allows you to take notes of everything you deem important for your business and conveniently store it online. Its best feature is the indexing capability, which allows you to quickly find what you want, no matter if you’re using your smartphone or your laptop.

Sunrise is a simple, yet powerful calendar app any business owner should use. It provides extensive support and integration with multiple Google Calendars but also with Exchange or iCloud. It is free to use by anyone having iOS or Android based smartphone.

Running your business from just about anywhere is crucial for any business owner and you can do that by using the above productivity apps. Try those out and let us know if you have any other useful app you may want to share.

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