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How to translate business documents? See our infographic!

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

The process to translate business documents is vast and rising up each day. There’s a lot of money to be made, and that attracts many professional providers to the business. There is a significant difference between larger and smaller companies, so the services a translation agency provides can differ significantly. Business translation services require a different approach and a higher end clientele. Luckily, we are here to help!

Translate Business Documents: How Does It Work?

Business translation services at USA Translate

At USA Translate, here is how our translation services work and what we offer our clients:

Before the Process!

Before starting the process, some actions are essential to get ready for it: gathering data, settling on what needs to translate and what doesn’t and putting them together.

Not only that but you must reference materials like translation memories, term bases, style guides and so on, getting quotes and deciding who will do the work. That means that there is an essential phase before the real translation that includes a study of the possibilities.

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translate business documents infographic explained
how can you translate documents for business
During the Process To Translate Business Documents

Where the real action happens: An expert enters the words in the new language that reflects the source text in an accurate manner. This process includes three essential steps, i.e.:

Self Check – translator says the translation is accurate

Editing – a different linguist checks the work word-by-word comparing to source

Proofreading – a proofreader checks the target-language version only to find mistakes

After the Process

After translation, you need to replace the original text with the interpretation and usually make some extra changes to layout, line-breaking, and fonts to make it all look good. If you want to translate business documents from a software or a website, things get more difficult, and quite a bit of work may be looked-for to combine it correctly.

Pricing and Structures

The most common unit you will find is per word, translators and companies charge for their services per word.
Per page: It is charged to translate your content based on the number of pages it contains.
Per hour: You will not often find companies that charge for translate business documents by the hour.
Flat fee: You may sometimes see a flat fee for your translation project.

Formatting Requirements

Your content may have charts, graphs, tables, graphics and other visual content. It may even be laid out in Adobe in Design or any other tool. So the process to translate business documents is a simple translation project with more complication. What matters is that in the end you get a certified document translation that is useful for you.

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Turnaround Time To Translate Business Documents

On average, a translator can translate about 2,000 words per day, but you should note that this is for translation only. It doesn’t include editing and proofreading by additional translators. If you want it in less than 24 hours, you’d probably be looking at paying rush fees since you are pressing for quicker turnaround time. In order to translate business documents and provide high-quality results, much more time is required.

Subject Matter

When you have highly technical content that needs a professional level of knowledge, be prepared to pay for such expert services, so be careful of translation agencies that offer you flat pricing regardless of the subject matter. At USA Translate we do not ask for any rush rates or weakened rates, we offer flat rates for all sorts of translation needs, but we guarantee with quality work.

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