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Who to trust to translate legal documents from Spanish to English

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2018)

If you need to translate legal documents from Spanish to English, from transcribed testimonies to case summaries, legal briefs, certificates, and decrees, you can trust USA Translate, which will assign your documents to an experienced translator who possesses the requisite knowledge to ensure an accurate and professional Spanish legal translation.

Who can translate legal documents from Spanish to English?

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Why Choose USA Translate?

  • USA Translate translates legal documents from Spanish to English: It will meet your documents to a translator who understands the language of the law. Whether your legal translation needs include certificates for citizenship or lengthy legal deeds or transcripts, USA Translate will ensure that your documents are in the hands of a linguist who can duplicate the phrasing and style of the original.
  • Proven experience and success: USA Translate is delivering Spanish to English legal translations to suit a wide array of legal needs. We regularly handle legal translation projects of all sizes for law firms and government offices. Our documents can be certified and notarized for legal use, at no extra charge to the customer.

The translation company you can trust

  • Fast turnaround times: Several of our law firm clients send us legal translation projects online with highly sensitive deadlines. USA Translate has the know-how and resources to meet these deadlines with ease. Should your deadline change during the project, USA Translate can work with you to ensure that your legal translation reaches your company or its destination as soon as possible.
  • Free and easy quotations: When you call USA Translate, one of our project managers will start planning how to deliver your language project on time and budget. Project quotations are always free, whether or not you decide to work with USA Translate.
  • The Translation you can trust: Our linguists work only in their native language to provide the best possible language solution for our clients: material translated from Spanish to English is handled by native speakers who go with the syntax, vocabulary, and grammar of the language on a regular basis. Our translators are fluent in English and will stay true to the form and information of your original document.
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Legal documents are easy to translate with us

Your company is opening a sales office in America, and you need legal documents and contracts translated into English. The interpretation of legal documents from Spanish to English needs both analytical expertise and understanding of legal systems to ensure the precision of terms. Inaccurate legal translations can cost you money, clients, and valuable time. How can you be sure that your legal translation is being handled with the required level of professionalism and attention to detail? Our expert translators will take into account the linguistic and cultural factors that apply to your document and its intended audience. The result will be an English language legal document that sounds as if it was initially drafted in English.

Contact us and get the best certified legal translation from a language company who can translate legal documents from Spanish to English with the expertise in translating documents.

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