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Translation and Copywriting for Multilingual SEO.

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)
Translation and Copywriting for Multilingual SEO.

Time and again we realize that getting information is not enough when you don’t have the relevant knowledge to make sense of it. If you looked up the procedure of a surgery, or read it in a book, you will be able to read the words and the steps, but you won’t be able to get what they all mean. You can’t pick a scalpel and start performing surgeries after reading about them online. Sure, there are things you can learn online but not the kind of subjects that people years to get good at. The information you gathered from WebMD will not make you better equipped at handling diseases than a doctor who has had years of education and experience in the medical field.

Although the digital world is a blessing, it has also spoiled us. We think that there is nothing that can’t be accessed or unlocked with the help of the internet. That may be true when it comes to video games but real life is not that simple. And someone who doesn’t have the proper qualification cannot unlock the secrets of a field no matter how much help there is at their disposal. The sooner everybody accepts it, the better it will be for everyone involved.

Anyone who has spent some time on the internet must have read the term SEO a dozen times. Some of them may have even looked it up online to find out what it actually means. But that search ended in disappointment for everyone because even after learning what SEO means, it didn’t make any sense to them. The reason? They are not an SEO expert. Even the ones successfully running a website sometimes get confused about the term and get help from people who have studied it and know better than the rest of us.

multilingual seo

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process through which the visitors of a website are increased. It does not involve paid marketing and works a lot better than any other form of advertisement. It involves various elements like copywriting and link building. With its help, not only the number of visitors is increased for a website but also the quality of those viewers is increased. Which means they stay longer on the site and most of the visits result in interaction. Search Engine Optimization works by using different techniques to make your web pages or website appear higher on the search pages. When you are visible on the internet and appear on the first or second pages of searches, you will get more attention from the media and your second album will be signed.

But it is one thing to do SEO for a single language website, when a multilingual service is required, things can get a lot more complicated. In multilingual SEO, the website is optimized for speakers of different languages.

Where to Start when doing Translation and Copywriting for Multilingual SEO? Here is the checklist:

multilingual seo

Translation and copywriting for multilingual SEO can open up millions of new possibilities for your website. Your audience can become the whole world with the help of multilingual SEO. But how to reach that point where your site is optimized for multiple languages and can attract millions of viewers? The following checklist will explain:

  1. Pick the Languages:

There are over seven thousand languages in the world but not all of them are worth targeting for a business. The majority of the world speaks the top ten languages. When you are making your site multilingual, you must pick the vernaculars first. Pick the ones that will prove to be most beneficial for your business. You know your product or service and you know what kind of audience they will attract so keep these things in mind when deciding the vernaculars.

  1. Pick the Content:

When you are going multilingual, you can either use all of your content or act smartly and pick the posts that have been famous among your visitors in the past. Make sure you use all the active pages of your website and also make the pages like About Us available to all the visitors. Don’t pay attention to the old and outdated content on your site. And if you have a good creator on your team, you can get them to create more quality pages to attract new viewers.

  1. Hreflang:

This is the technical aspect of directing people from different countries to the relevant sites and it is something that Google will do for you. But it is not as simple as actually telling someone to do something. No technical thing is as simple as it sounds, right? So, if Hreflang sounds too confusing, you can hire SEO experts for help.

  1. Keyword Research:

When expanding the reach of your site, it is essential to do keyword research for each language. You will need to follow the same steps you went through to do keyword research in your language. Also keep in mind that Google is not the only search engine in the world.

  1. Metadata Translation:

Your web links will appear with the same metadata everywhere unless you update it in all the languages you want to cover. The translated metadata will show visitors what a page is about before they have opened it.

A very important thing to keep in mind when making your website multilingual is to hire a qualified translator and not really on online tools. When you make the right start, the rest will be easy.

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