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Affordable or Cheap – the ins and outs of Translation Cost

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2017)

How can you tell the difference between an affordable and cheap translation. While both may help you stay in the budget, one may end up damaging your reputation.

What to avoid with low translation cost?

The answer is pretty simple: you may want to stay away from agencies which use machines to do the hard work. In a desperate attempt to lower their prices, they use machines instead of human translation. This will cut down the total translation cost, but at what price? Using such a translation may damage your reputation and will definitely be more expensive.

How could this do more damage than good?

The initial translation is done by a machine and a translator is only used to correct flagrant errors. The translator has no way to compare the source files with the translation. While the translated text could be grammatically correct, it’s original meaning may be lost without the editor realizing that.

That is the reason why at USA Translate all translations and final proofreading are being done by a professional, native translators. Therefore, we only provide high quality work at affordable translation rates.

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