Mining Industry Translation

Translation Needs Of The Mining Industry, History?

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2020)

The Mining Industry:

If someone mentions the word mining, most people think of scenes they have seen in movies. They imagine a dark mine and people working inside with small hammers. They think of all the museums they have been to and the artifacts they have seen. But the Natural History museum cannot tell people everything there is to know about the workers who uncover hidden gems. What is the exploration industry today used to be the hobby of a few adventurers. Today’s explorers don’t fill up museums, but they are still helping the general public in some ways.

Although there was a time when mining used to be pretty difficult, it has become a lot simpler these days. Modern technology has made it easier for people to discover land that they can mine and what benefits they will gain from a certain project. Like every other industry, mining has also become globalized. People from different parts of the world work together often to mine valuable minerals. The mining companies of today don’t focus on hiring laborers from the United States or Mexico. They hire a diverse workforce so they can tackle cultural issues easily.

Translation Needs of the Mining Industry:

If a mining company has American, French, Chinese, Australian, and German workers on its team then it will need the equipment descriptions and manuals to be translated into multiple languages. If the health and safety labels are only available in English, a significant percentage of the workforce will fail to understand them. In order to keep the workforce face, every mining company requires accurate translations of important documents.

The mining industry uses a lot of modern devices nowadays for scanning earth. This way, they can easily discover natural resources hidden beneath the surface of the earth. Today, mining companies spend more time scanning the earth and less time digging. Drones and light detection technology have made mining more efficient. But without language services, the industry won’t make a lot of progress and many natural resources will stay hidden beneath the surface of our planet.

professional translating services in the energy industry

History of the Mining Industry’s Translation Needs:

In the past, mining was less about mapping and scanning the earth. Back then, it wasn’t a global industry. But even then, translation services were needed to communicate with the general public. If an American company wanted to mine a piece of land in Brazil, they had to prepare legal documents. Documents like contracts and patents had to be translated so they could be understood by the native audience.

Today, it isn’t just legal translations that are needed for mining operations. When mining equipment made in China is used in the Middle East, then it must be translated into Arabic. Technical translation is needed to make it possible for workers to understand digital devices. If user manuals are not translated into multiple languages, workers who don’t speak English won’t be able to understand them. And if miners cannot understand user manuals, they won’t be able to operate a piece of machinery.

Mining Industry Translation:

The mining industry translation is very complex in today’s world because it isn’t just about finding the right minerals. Workers need proper guidance about the mining equipment. They want to access training material so they can get better at their job. Mining engineers have to know technical specifications so they can guide the workforce properly. Safety documentation and maintenance manuals can help the workforce in keeping themselves and the machinery safe. All of this proves how important professional translation is in the mining industry.

All the multinational mining companies operate in different countries. Whether they have African workers on their workforce or Korean, they should be able to keep them safe. If they are working in Egypt or Brazil, they should make press releases available in the native language to inform the general public about their mining operations.

Accurate Mining Industry Translation

Where to Get Accurate Mining Industry Translation?

All of us spend most of our time in the digital world, which is why we have started believing that the internet has all the solutions. But if you think Google can help you with mining industry translation, then you would be completely wrong. Google Translate can provide you simple English translations when you are traveling but it is not a substitute for a professional service provider. The terminology used in mining safety documents, insurance policies, and manuals is not something that Google Translate can handle.

In order to get accurate translation services, a business will have to do research. They can find companies with the best translation teams and then compare their Google ratings. Reading the reviews left by previous customers of an agency will also be helpful. You can get professional translation services from an agency that has native speakers of the target language in their team. A company that has a quality control process in place and quick turnaround time will always deliver accurate results before the deadline. It is important to keep the cultural differences in mind when interacting with your target audience. For instance, if you have to get translations for the people of Brazil, hire an agency that understands the variety of Portuguese which is spoken in that country. Only a native speaker would know that the European and Brazilian Portuguese have many differences.

Get translation services from a company that knows the importance of CAT tools. Tools like translation memory can not only improve the overall quality of the translation project but also reduce the turnaround time. When you break the language barrier to keep your workers safe, you will also reduce the environmental impact of mining by making the right material available for everyone working on a project.

When do we need professional translating services in the energy industry?

The natural gas and oil industries also need linguistic assistance. In the oil industry, no business deal can get finalized until parties from different countries have come to an agreement. This is why proper communication is so important in this industry. But without translation, multilingual communication will not be possible.

In the energy sector, professional translation is required every day. The transportation and selling of resources won’t be possible without linguistic assistance from the experts. It is important for multinational corporations involved in the mining business to be familiar with consumer protection laws. But the laws are different in every country, which is why the help of a linguistic expert is needed.

When is technical translation required in the mining industry?

When English or Chinese speakers have to work in Russia on a mining project, they won’t be able to read instructions, handbooks, or manuals if they are written in Rusian. If Russian to English translation is not available, workers will not be able to do their job efficiently. But above all else, they will be putting themselves in danger.

Those who work in dark coal mines are also human beings and deserve to be protected from occupational hazards. Along with worker safety, environmental protection is also important. All of these goals can only be achieved if the reading materials related to a project are made available in multiple languages. So, a worker from Argentina can work in India and a Dutch can work in Finland.

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