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When do you need your translation notarized? See in our infographic

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2018)

Although USCIS no longer requires you to have your translation notarized, there are cases when notarization is required. Have a look at our infographic to learn more on the subject.

When do you need your translation notarized?

Download our notary translation infographic

There are many posts on the subject, but we have made this infographic to make it clear when a person needs the translation notarized. We have also written this post to elaborate on the matter further and associate the notarization with USCIS.

As mentioned before, USCIS no longer requires the translation to be notarized, they accept certified translation in most cases. There are times when notarization of a translation is needed, and other institutions would need notarization. If you want to know when notarization is required, download our infographic as an image. Alternatively you can click the following image for a larger version.

when is notarization required
You would need a translation notarized for
  1. You will look for this kind of translation when you need family papers like immigration papers, naturalization papers or adoption papers in some cases.
  2. It is also recommended when you are looking for a translation of documents related to education including diplomas or academic degrees. In fact, most universities would require notarized translation, not only certified.
  3. Court orders translation may also be useful to you, and it required notarized translation, so things like wills and judgment translation need to be notarized.
  4. Some legal certificates like divorce certificates and marriage certificates may need a translation notarized.
  5. If you need to have documents like affidavits, amended tax returns and bills of scale, you may also need a notarized translation.
Here are some more documents that require translations which are notarized
  1. The residence certificate issued by local authorities also may need the translation notarized.
  2. You will also need a notarized translation whenever you order a new business license order or for name change announcements.
  3. If you are looking for a power of attorney translated in another language, you will need the notary service!
  4. Promissory notes and quitclaim deeds are also dependent on notarization if a translation is required!
  5. Sworn translation: you can make a sworn translation from a certified/ notarized copy, stamp and initial it to attach the sworn translation.
who can provide notarization
One thing to note

These are a few of the many reasons when you need a translation notarized for. We are here to help you get the right notarization without any issue.

We have mentioned this point at various other moments, but we thought we would share with you again. Have you ever noticed that translation agencies offer to provide notarization services for their translation? Why do you think they do that? Why do you think that they want to submit the services that are usually available to all?

The reason translation agencies provide notarization services is that notary offices are reluctant to notarize the document if they cannot meet the translator. A notary public officer is verifying the signature of the translator. If they cannot check the credentials of the translator, they won’t notarize the document. That is why translation agencies offer translation notarization services so that it is easy to get exactly what you need. Translation is more accessible to be notarized when you can provide the credentials of the translator. A translation agency can have the translator in the office and ease the mind of the notary officer on the matter.

Feel free to visit our office in El Paso, TX or order online with confidence. We’ll have your translation done in 24 hours, guaranteed to be accepted at USCIS!

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