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(Last Updated On: January 15, 2019)

As a professional translation company we have to say we love CAT tools and encourage all our translators to work with the best Computer Aided Translation tools available at the moment.

Love For CAT Tools

Benefits for us

When such tools first became popular there were pros and cons articles, some compared them to a machine translation and expressed their concerns how CAT tools would have a negative impact on the quality of translations.

But now, the benefits of Computer Assisted Translation tools are widely accepted by professional translation companies and translators.

The benefits that CAT tools provide us turns into benefits for our customers.

benefits for us
benefits for clients

Benefits for clients

Because our translators work faster, you as a customer get speedy delivery. Because we can now track the project at every step we become more efficient and are able to keep the client up to date.

Being more efficient and faster means affordable pricing for our customers. You get high quality translations at good prices because we choose to be a tech friendly company that uses CAT tools where needed.

Even better, every company that comes to us with a Trados memory and Trados prepped files benefits from special discounts. Just get in touch with your project manager to find out more.

Computer Aided Translation tools are something to admire. With the evolution, came the beauty of upgrade with everything possible. Every industry could taste the positive, constructive change brought in by the tech world, improving the quality of the results while also speeding up the procedure so that everyone can benefit from them. Translating companies have been enduring the change as well and turning to make it a plus and a positive thing for both, the company itself and the clients it caters.

The CAT tools at first gained a lot of attention, as different people projected their different opinions about how it would impact the entire industry, the message was conveyed through different means, but now the industry has been more accepting after weighing in what it would bring with it and what it would take away. USA Translate agrees on the CAT tools and has developed a soft spot for the things it offers.

Tell us how using CAT tools have benefited your company, and if you have large documents to translate, get in touch and we’ll explain what their advantages are.

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