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What Are The Most Common Female Names in El Salvador

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2022)

What are the most common female names in El Salvador?

Growing up as a parent, what has been the hardest decision for you? Probably, there would be many, but among all, one is to give your child the perfect name that best suits his personality. Some people remain puzzled even when their daughter or son is all grown up. But to avoid all these confusions, you just need to be aware of the most common names in your country.

In Asian culture, the naming of the child is the most special moment and therefore people do it very carefully. Among the long-lasting list of names, they choose the perfect one after searching about its meaning and comparing it with the zodiac sign to make sure that the name is not misleading for the child. But on the contrary, areas like Central America have different trends and traditions for naming. The naming system was first established in Spain before it began in El Salvador.

If you live in El Salvador, a country known as the Land of Volcanoes due to its frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity, you should not worry about the naming system. In this article, you’ll find a whole list of female names with their meaning that you can select for your daughter while living in El Salvador. So, let’s figure them out without any delay!

El Salvador – Land of Volcanoes

In Central America, indigenous people are usually associated with Guatemala. However, if you look closely, you will also see much evidence of Salvadorans’ indigenous heritage. If you look at a map of El Salvador, you will find many place names of native origin, most of them having derived from the Nahuat language of the Pipils, once the dominant Indian group of El Salvador. It is the smallest and most densely populated among the seven Central American countries. The capital of this country is San Salvador which is 2,238 feet above sea level.

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There are further many countries in San Salvador. El Salvador is the only country that does not have a coastline on the Caribbean Sea. People of El Salvador have strong knowledge about herbal medicine. For etiquette and manners, Salvadoran women often pat each other on the right forearm or shoulder, rather than shake hands. The history of this place shows that Salvadoran women have faced their dark circumstances to light beacons of hope. Violence is at its peak in Latin America but through different service providers, the threat is reducing to a large extent.

Naming Culture of El Salvador

Many Spanish people who settled in the country intermarried with the native Indian population and therefore, they were experiencing a blend of different cultures. In the sixteenth century, the Spanish adopted the conjunction ‘y’ to distinguish a person’s surname from one another.

During colonial rule, the naming culture of El Salvador developed a lot. It first started from the Spanish rule and then moved on towards other areas. If you want to know the naming culture of a country, you just have to read the names of famous people that bring popularity to this region. Salvadoran culture is a mix of Native American and Latin American cultures. The Maya, Lenca, Pipil, and Cacaopera people have all contributed to the country’s culture. The naming culture of El Salvador has an inheritance from Spain.

Why the naming system is important in El Salvador?

Is your child lazy, beautiful, or thoughtful? Whatever characteristics your child has, you should simply name your child accordingly. This is where your role as a parent starts. One of the biggest milestones in having a baby is selecting the perfect name.

Parents recognize a child’s name becomes part of their identity and you only get one shot to pick a good one. As a result, parents often contemplate for months, trying on different names to see which one will suit their little bundle. It is an important step because the official name that you select for your child appears on all of the personal and legal documents like birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, and other educational documents.

Famous Names of Females in El Salvador

El Salvador is a country famous for its people with unique and impressive traits. In many ways, El Salvador is a formal culture where only close friends and family use first names. Before speaking out the name of a person, people use the appropriate greeting for the time of the day and night while shaking hands with them.

The naming of the people is through the appropriate honorific title (Senor or Senora) and their surname until they move to a first name basis. Before entering a country, you should learn about its etiquettes and manners irrespective of the field in which you serve. Some of the famous names of females in El Salvador include the following:

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Aileen is a name for girl which means light from the sun, the torch of light, pleasant, beautiful, the shining, and light bearer. Its numerology is 1 as it has only one part. The origin, country, and category of this name are El Salvador. It has been assumed that people with the name Aileen are creative, individual, independent, inventive, oriented, proactive, innovative, and freedom-loving person. The lucky color of such people is Gold, Brown, Orange, and Yellow.


The Latin and Italian name Bella is very famous for females in El Salvador. It means beautiful. It is the short form of Isabella, which is the Italian form of Isabel. When pronounced, it feels like a sweet and soft name. On the US popularity chart, Bella ranks on the 77th number. It has two syllables. It has two family origins. In Italian, it is the medieval female personal name Bella which means loving. It is possibly a habitational name from Basilicata Bella, in Potenza, probably so named with Latin labellum ‘little basin’. In Greek, it is the reduced form of Bellas.


Clarissa is a name derived from the Germanic name Clarice, which is derived from the Latin word clarus, which means “bright, clear, or famous”. Clarisa is the Spanish form of this name. But it is frequently used in El Salvador by the people living there. People love to call their daughter through this name. Clara and Claire are currently the most popular derivatives of Clarus in the United States and throughout Europe. But Clarissa is not as common today.


As it is a biblical name, Elizabeth has an equivalent in many different languages: Isabella (Italian) Isobel (Scottish) Isabel (Spanish). Elizabeth is a feminine given name, a variation of the Hebrew name Elisheva (אֱלִישֶׁבַע), meaning “My God is an oath” or “My God is abundance”, as rendered in the Septuagint.

The name has many variants in use across the world and has been inconsistent use worldwide. ‘Elizabeth’ was the tenth most popular name given to baby girls in the United States in 2007 and has been among the 25 most popular names given to girls in the United States for the past 100 years.


Hernandez is a distinguished Portuguese and Spanish name first found in the medieval kingdom of Castile in the fourth-century, Visigoth era. Derived from Spanish “faro”, meaning journey, and “nano”, meaning brave, it is synonymous with the Old German “Ferdinand”, meaning bold voyager. Hernandez means “Son of Hernan” or “Son of Hernando”. Hernandez ) is more commonly found in Mexico than in any other country/territory. It can appear in its variant forms.

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