What Are The Top 10 Free English To Spanish Translation?

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2021)

English to Spanish translation is well known and one of the most streamlined language duo today. There are so many language service providers that can take care of your English to Spanish translation.

Sometimes when people don’t want to spend money, they switch over to free translation tools. However, technology is not always perfect. In fact, most of the time, you’ll find these tools make certain errors that only a professional linguist would catch. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t supposed to use them at all.

You can avail yourself of the opportunity of free translation when you have a short document or few paragraphs that need English to Spanish translation. In order to make them more precise and accurate, you can always use grammar and spell-check software.

Then, proofread the content to make final corrections and avoid small mistakes that only humans can understand. This will surely help you to do your task easily instead of going through each word and translating it on your own. Remember, proofreading is extremely important; since machine translation is easily spotted by Spanish speakers, so you have to be very careful.

If you are looking for free translator apps or tools to rely on whenever you needed, this article will help you a lot. We are going to discuss the top ten free English to Spanish translation tools, how to use them and what are the pros and cons? So, let’s take a look!


We have prepared a list of some top free translation software that will help you to get your Spanish content translated into English.

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translate google spanish

1. Google Translate

Well, there is no doubt that Google translator is the best-known translation tool for English to Spanish translation. Text and document translation is the staple feature of Google translator. In addition, it also offers multiple definitions, examples, meanings, and frequency of use.

The free service is excellent if you want to translate documents that aren’t heavy on local word and nothing will be going to stop you from getting an accurate translation. But, if the document consists of colloquialism, this is where Google Translate fails.

Latin America is home to several slang words that can be used in a variety of ways and change from one country to the next, they all get lost in translation. Here are some pros and cons of Google translate are:

  • It provides maximum information just for a single word
  • It allows uploading a document.
  • Sometimes, it provides gender-specific translations as well.

Moving to cons:

  • It is unable to translate slang well.
  • The longer text is not translated according to the original text.

2. Microsoft Translate

Microsoft Translate is another translation language tool that shows quality in their English to Spanish translator software. Checkout our latest post here about Free Online Translator | Free Language Translation!

It has some powerful features that include a phrasebook, which is divided into different categories. In addition, it offers photo translation, voice recording, and text translation. It has an appealing design, easy to use, and travel-friendly tool. Talking about cons, so we don’t have any browse option there. You will see errors when it comes to translating bigger chunks of text.

3. iTranslate App

iTranslate works well for iOS users, but you can use it on Android through the web. It gives people the ability to speak, read and write in over 100 languages. It has a fast and accurate Spanish to English translation service that includes offline support as well. The camera and keyboard translation feature of your preferred messaging app will allow you to receive instant information from your preferred app.

4. WordReference

When it comes to translating words, for instance, bonkers, banana or bamboozled people get confused as they don’t know how to say it in Spanish, WordReference save the day. The WordReference provides several translations for words that a difficult to translate.

It also provides the Spanish slag words in return. It is best, we can say you slang words and they let you know about the country related to each slang word.The drawback of this website is, it only works for single words. It’s not a modern or up-to-date website, so you may not find the exact translation for most modern slang words.

5. DeepL

DeepL is one of the biggest competitors of Google translate. It’s a go-to alternative for people who don’t like Google Translate.

google translate app english to spanish
free translation to spanish

Although it is similar to Google Translate, the way the information is presented makes people like it more. It has a feature of undoing or redo written text, which is why it dominates over the other English to Spanish translation services.

Unfortunately, it only offers a 5000 character limit, to go over you have to pay. Moreover, some of the features are locked behind a paywall. DeepL can provide you with quality translation but not high-quality one, so keep it in your mind, it’s better, not perfect.

6. Linguee

Linguee provides translation that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a great app for idiomatic expressions and slang words. It provides a list of words used all over the internet with the translation that no other website provides.

Keep Linguee in your mind, when you need English to Spanish translation because you will surely need it at some point.The biggest fall of this website is its annoying ads. Sometimes, you have to figure out buy yourself the exact meaning suitable for the context.

7. Reverso Translator 

Reverso translate, one of the most accurate translators, has the features of both DeepL and Linguee. Well, Reverso Translator provides translations with examples, it brings example sentences from all over the internet with relevant translations. It provides searching features such as Wikipedia, images, and definition, etc.

It’s a great Spanish translation software as it integrates most of the scattered features in other English to Spanish translation apps, so it might be a perfect fit for you.  The character limit is just 100 characters, you have to create your account and sign in to get full access to other features.

8. Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate is an underrated software in English to Spanish translation, but it has a lot of features that are different from other translation software. It provides translation for text, documents, images, and even other websites. You can save your translation for future use and access it through your phone or computer.

Cons include nonexistent slang translation, wrong and silly example sentences, and information for a single word, which is most of the time incorrect.

9. TripLingo 

If you travel or backpacking in a place that you don’t know the language, you’re going to be lucky once you find a hero like TripLingo. It will make your travel a lot easier. The phrasebook and voice translator are the main features of this app.

It provides tips, cultural notes, emergency numbers as well as medical-related phrases in tricky situations. You can translate text or documents as it provides provisional translation. It only provides translation through voice. In addition, users report it unstable as it crashes sometimes.

10. Spanish Translator Pro

Spanish Translator Pro only features the Spanish language. It’s easy to use and can help users find the perfect words to say. You need to translate some of the phrases that you don’t get right when using this app, but the effort is not too cumbersome.

It takes a basic knowledge of Spanish to be useful as a translation download. These top free translation software can’t beat human translation, but it will be very helpful with your own efforts.

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