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The “benefits” of using cheap Spanish translation

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

We have all been guilty of cutting corners, of opting for the lower price sacrificing quality, of taking the lowest bid. And that could work in some trivial insignificant cases but you shouldn’t go cheap when it comes to Spanish translation services. Here are some of the reasons why:

You do not want to offend your customers, partners or employees

English has many words that are similar to Spanish words. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same meaning. If you use cheap Spanish translation you run the risk of getting a newbie translator’s mistakes. Even reasonably intelligent foreigners who have stayed for years immersed in a Spanish-speaking country readily admit that they still make basic errors that they should have mastered by now. Small errors might be a huge deal for some translation purposes, but for businesses they could be detrimental. Even a small error as the gender or tense of a word might cause your clients or partners to think twice about doing business with you.  You could lose the respect of your Hispanic employees and they will laugh behind your back.

You don’t want to be embarazada and people will think you are intoxicado. Oops. (embarazada – pregnant) (intoxicado – poisoned)

Using cheap Spanish translation could become a legal mess

Cheap Spanish translation services might pass for things like translating personal letters or novels. But companies looking to do business with Spanish-speaking companies or people will want to have contracts and legal documents to be submitted to the government to be translated. The wording in these type of documents is definitely much complex than a novella script. A small error in a contract could mean losing a lot of money with legal harangues. A small error in documents to be submitted could cause rejections of applications and cause delays of projects which would also mean losing money.

People will think your company is failing

Why else would you cut corners in the translation budget? Go big or go home.

There are many things that you could do to save money but scrimping on Spanish translation services is not one of them.

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