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What is a certification of accuracy statement?

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

What is a certification of accuracy statement?

The translation industry offers different types of services. While the most common is the typical translation job, there are certain instances when a client requests a couple of more services. There are times when a client wants their documents notarized. In instances like this, it is important to have a standby legal department or a lawyer, as they can easily do this job. However, there are some agencies wherein they do not have the luxury of a legal department. What they usually do is hire a third-party company that can do it for them. While this is a good strategy, it eats up on handful of resources, especially time. Moreover, hiring a third-party company means that you have to pay them, and these services usually cost quite a lot. This cost will then be added on the rate, which will make it less affordable for the client.

One particular service that has grown in demand over the years is certification. Immigration is on the rise lately, and the United States is one of the top destination for immigrants seeking a better place to live. However, these immigrant usually bring with them documents from their home that are in their native language. Because of this, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS usually require immigrants to have their documents translated. On top of this typical requests, there are some instances when the USCIS will ask for a certification of accuracy from the agency.

A certification of accuracy statement is a document issued by a professional or an agency stating that the document that were translated indeed passed various certification and accuracy checks. This document is usually requested as a form of authentication check in order to make sure that all document were properly and accurately translated.

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Who can issue certification of accuracy statement?

Despite its normal sounding name, not all professionals and agencies can issue a certification of accuracy statement. Professionals need to undergo several hours and levels of training before they can certified to do so. These advanced training usually takes months if not years to complete. Moreover, they are also required to renew this certification after a couple of years in order to make sure that they have not lost their skills.

As for agencies, there are a couple of ways on how to issue a certification of accuracy statement. One option is to hire a professional translator that is accredited by the government. These individuals are allowed to issue certification of accuracy.

Another option is to have a certification company check the operation of the agency and it accredited. There are a number of government institutions and private companies that conduct such accreditation services. While not exactly cheap, these accreditation services are totally worth it. A company that is duly accredited means that all of its translators can essentially issue certification of accuracy statement should a client ask for it.

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What are the things to consider in a certification of accuracy statement?

As the name implies, this document is a certification that proves that a particular translation has reached a certain level of accuracy and quality. It must achieve high scores in accuracy before a certification is allowed to be given.

Government offices, financial institutions, and legal practitioners always require impeccable and perfect accuracy. Documents that are submitted into these institutions are important not only for them but also to the people that transact business. Which is why it is important to have high accuracy and quality.

How to achieve high accuracy?

Translation is a tedious job, and it requires a keen sense of understanding of language. Different agencies have different strategy on how to achieve and keep high accuracy in their final output.

In our company, the secret is relatively simple. We only use native language speakers for our translators. It is true that a language can be learnt. However, we have found that there is a significant difference in accuracy between native language speakers compared to those who consider it as their second language.

For one, native language speakers are at home with their language that they are translating. They have been using it since they were a child, which means that they are familiar with various slangs and sentence construction techniques. While some might dismiss these features as ordinary, it is considered highly important in understanding the context of the language or document that one is translating.

Aside from using native language speakers, we also have a dedicated team of quality checkers. Aside from the typical translation team, we have created a dedicated team of quality checkers who sole job is to make sure that all translation outputs have reached the maximum quality and accuracy that our clients require.

We have several phases of quality checks in order to root out the errors and mistranslations. Some might say that imposing strict quality check eats up a lot of time and in turn affect turnaround time. While this is true to some extent, we believe that providing accurate translations should the core principle of our company.

By providing accurate outputs, our clients are always satisfied with the services that we provide. This adds positive note to our reputation, and is also good in terms of building great business relationship with our clients. If you client trust your services, they will always be open into doing repeat business and will advertise your services to others for free.

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