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What is desktop publishing and when are such services needed

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2019)

Desktop publishing services are offered by translation agencies if your company is interested in not only translating the text of the original document, but also maintaining the same layout of the original document with the translated words. You won’t need this if your document is in plain text.

When are desktop publishing services needed

If your document is complexly structured, such as in a PowerPoint presentation, or in your annual report that includes graphs and tables, you don’t want to run the risk of copy pasting the translated words into  the wrong  place. That could be embarrassing when the mistake is discovered in front of the board of directors, stockholders, important clients and partners.

what is included in DTP

What is included in Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing and graphic design make documents look genuine, but there’s more to desktop publishing than look. Desktop publishing enhances visual communication and streamlines the process of advertising information of all kinds. It’s also the method of file formation that ensures files print correctly so that communications get on time.

A vital element of the desktop publishing function is to estimate each project visually to ensure it is sufficient from a cultural point of view. Some graphics and color preferences may be offensive in some cultures and need to be modified to the local market. Design can also carry some logical implications, as certain countries use characters and punctuation differently.

Desktop publishing services include writing, editing, document formatting, and graphic design. It is essential as a tool that enhances communication by making it possible to produce printed efficiently and electronic online or onscreen documents, without the expertise and expensive machine that was once required.

Avoid additional costs

You would do well to take advantage of a translation company’s available desktop publishing services. Ordinarily DTP is the job of graphic designers, but in this case the layout is already available from the original document. DTP thus becomes the job of the translator, who can read both the source language and target language, and would know the right location in the document to fit the translated words into place.

If you want to avoid the additional cost of having desktop publishing done, you could always ask for a one-to-one corresponding list of the source document sentences versus the translated sentences, and do the copy-pasting yourself or assign it to someone already in your employ. But it could be a painstaking task and cost you time that you, or the one you have assigned to do the task, can productively use on something else. The translator would also know how to shorten or lengthen the sentence if need be to suit the space and yet still retain the same meaning.

cut additional costs

Desktop Publishing

An excellent professional translation services company will provide finalized print-ready documents or screen-ready localized online or digital materials. The ultimate purpose of desktop publishing is to provide a document that looks as if it were created in the target language. Following are the benefits of using a professional language translation company like USA Translate for your desktop publishing project.

1. Multilingual desktop publishing specialists typically can work in any file type and format.
2. Having your language service provider complete your desktop publishing is particularly crucial for complex languages and complicated characters.
3. Language service providers can execute desktop publishing recommendations to optimize your project’s appearance and feel.
4. Desktop publishing can critically influence your translation or localization project.
5. Language service providers are language specialists.
6. DTP by a professional translation company saves money, time, and resources.
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You may decide not to avail of desktop publishing services but it is definitely good to know that translation companies anticipate your needs and offer the service.

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