what is medical translation

What is medical translation and why it is important

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2018)

So you’ve probably seen this type of work that we do and asked yourself what is medical translation? In short, it is a specialized translation that deals with medical documents. As with just every other project, we make sure all translations are highly accurate, and that includes translation of medical documents as well.

What is medical translation?

Along with the several benefits of medical tourism come a range of challenges, in particular the language difficulty. Most of the translations performed are for new medicine, clinical trials, general medical information, and medical devices. Medical document translation is necessary in order for medical specialists to provide the required care, treatment and therapy to patients who speak another language. For efficient translation services, practitioners must seek a language service provider with extensive experience and understanding of the specialized vocabulary used in the field of medicine. Inaccurate translations can possibly lead to medical complications and/or legal issues.

Medical translation does not need much interaction with patients. The definite task is to translate patient records, information on websites, materials that patients have to read and sign.

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Why Medical Translation is Important?

Assuming that you now know what is medical translation, you should know that the need for an excellent and professional human translation is important to the medical and healthcare industry and since medical tourism and the internet play an essential role in our lives, it cannot be ignored. With the translation of medical documents, there are a number of benefits to both medical specialists and the patients they treat. As a result, doctors and nurses will become better educated about their foreign patients, if for instance they have access to their translated medical records and documents. The patient also benefits as they are made aware of the details regarding any medical process or treatment that needs to take place.

It is also used for pharmaceutical products, medical devices and healthcare fields. Translation plays a vital role in helping healthcare professionals offer the required treatment to their patients who speak another language. Pharmacists and doctors need a translation to analyze the medical histories of their foreign patients so that they can give them recommendations and treatment. Patients also need to fully understand their health condition and how the treatment will proceed. So, having the document translated accurately and timely is very important.

Medical documents that need translation

Several countries around the globe look for literature and labeling related to medical devices and pharmaceuticals translated into their national language. Regarding the humanity aspect, developing countries in the world are in need of medical support and healthcare aid. Most of these countries do not speak English, thus, translation for pharmaceutical products can help save millions of lives.

Medical translators also translate patient information, informed approval forms, study budgets, study agreements, difficult events reports, study protocols, case report forms, contracts with research organizations, agreements with regulatory bodies and standard operating procedures.

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There are more though

Aside from the above documents that may need translation, you may find that translation is also a great option for other things in the hospital as well such as intake forms, hospital maps, directional signs, evacuation plans, visitor hours, as well as other needed information in the hospital.

Since a hospital is a big place, this information makes it easier to find the way during emergency evacuations and will give visitors greater peace of mind. It is also useful to ensure that the needed information is available to both patients and doctors, regardless of their primary language.

Now that you have the answer in regards to what is medical translation, you should also know that USA Translate is a translation company in El Paso, TX which provides highly accurate translations for any documents, including medical documents for both companies and for immigration.

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