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Why do translation companies hate machine translation?

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)

But, they do not, not at all. It is true that many translation companies have drawn attention to the damages that machine translation can bring to a company that uses it for official or business purposes.

Machine translation for business?

Automatic translation

Google Translate, FreeTranslation and Yahoo! Babel Fish can be excellent tools for anyone surfing the web because it helps them understand information written in any unknown languages.

One can use it for reading hotel reviews on TripAdvisor, find out public opinion on a particular subject in a foreign country, even chat online with a fellow gamer.

automatic translation
the problem with machines

The problem with machines

Problems appear when a text is passed through machine translation and then distributed to native speakers as if the text was created especially for them. Any native speaker can detect errors in the text, either spelling, grammar or cultural.

Finding such an error makes them feel disrespected and this will most certainly become a problem for any business marketing their product or services .If you need professional Translation for your website or company then forget about machine translation and open your mind to collaborate with a translation agency.

Another reason why translation companies choose not to rely on machine translation is that machines work in a single dimension. They do not have the specific expertise for a certain requirement. For instance, a legal translator or a medical translator is aware of the terms and usages of terminologies that are supposed to be used while translating the documents. Their professional accuracy and experience allows them to translate even the most delicate documents into a perfectly transcribed translation.

Apart from the human expertise, machines are also not accustomed to deal with things technically. Website translation or app localization are two such areas where a machine can’t single handedly produce the optimum results. The software experts, dialecticians, translators, interpreters and marketing specialists work together for the above mentioned magic. The notion of putting everything in the hands of a machine is surprisingly still odd as they are not the replacement of a human mind and skill.

But all of this can be avoided just by employing the services of a Professional Translation Company .

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