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Why language translation services are highly needed in the USA

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

More than a dozen languages are currently spoken in the USA and language translation services are needed in order to address to those people who don’t speak English well.

America, the land of opportunity, has always been a magnet for people from every corner of the globe. It is a melting pot of various cultures with each contributing something unique and worthwhile in the country that they are now proud to call their own.

Why language translation is needed

It is to the advantage of the English speakers to be able to reach out to these citizens from other cultures who may not be able to speak American English well. There are mainly the 37 million Spanish-speaking people who currently make up 12 % of the total American population. This is followed by the Chinese, Tagalog (Philippines ), Vietnamese and French speakers who similarly number more than a million each.

Other significant languages in America are German (Germans constitute the largest minority in the United States), Korean, Russian, Arabic, Italian and Portuguese. They have come seeking opportunities and are not afraid of hardship. It would be to the advantage of the employer who can harness that determination and solid work ethic. Unlike native Americans, they do not take any opportunities that come their way for granted. They are the best workers possible, if only the language barrier can be overcome.

You would think, why don’t they just learn English? But studies have shown that adults have a hard time learning a new language because their brain matter has already been set. Day to day worries and tasks also take much of their time.

To communicate with them you would need language translation. And because relations between cultures can be sensitive you would need professional translation services for the job. Professional translators must not only translate, they must be able to choose the right combination of words in order not to give unwitting offence, or be persuasive as the need requires.

A good portion of non-English speaking Americans may have their papers in the language of their native land. Language translation is not only requested by English-speaking Americans to communicate with non-English Americans, but non-English Americans need translation too for transactions in their new home. Professional translators would know any changes in the source language over the years, particularly when translating the papers of the elderly.

By not getting language translation, you could be denying your company a treasure mine of model employees.

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