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Why Medical Translations Need a Medical Translator?

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

A specialized medical translator is required for medical translations

When it comes to medical translations quality is highly important so you need to employ the services of a specialized, medical translator. Such a professional will have extensive knowledge in both linguistics and medical field, thus providing quality translations.

Translating medical documents such as clinical documents, insurance claims, general regulatory papers, equipment instruction manuals, history records and insurance claims is a high responsibility not everyone is willing to take. However, there are some freelancers that would take on such a job even though they do not have any experience in the medical field. Obviously, the output will be of low quality, and this is something to avoid at all costs. The same thing happens when using machine translation as specialized fields are prone to mistakes.

The only viable option is to make use of the services of a known translation company which is able to provide several medical translators to perform the job. Such a company will have specialized translators to translate and proofread, thus providing quality work. Any translation agency would be able to provide quality translations when it comes to general documents, but only some of them will have the necessary workforce for the medical field.

Usually a medical translator is licensed or certified in the medical field. Some of them are nurses or even doctors with great linguistic capabilities in at least two languages. Due to this, medical translation can be more expensive than general translation as it takes a high level of knowledge but also a lot of responsibility.

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