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World’s sexiest language

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2019)

Every year around Valentine’s Day surveys about the sexiest language in the world are released to the public. Typically the results are not surprising but sometimes surprises surface.

World’s sexiest language?

Who wins the battle?

Studies or surveys almost always involve these 3 languages: French, Italian and Spanish.

But this year something new appeared in the survey, 79% of those who responded to the survey said being multi-lingual makes you appear more attractive.

This is good news for translators and interpreters everywhere.

You are up to 80% more attractive than the average person.

So, how about  let our English to Spanish translation services be of help and translate your Valentines Day wishes into Spanish?

Our choice: Italian

When you are asked the question; what is the sexiest language in your opinion, do you also think of British English? I wish it was real language, because that is definitely the most attractive siren to one’s ears. But it cannot be on the list so here is our pick for the sexiest language there is; Italian.

We wonder; did you nod in agreement and then shook your head to demonstrate how much you can relate? Ah, let’s giggle together at the greatest inside joke that is the beauty of the Italian language. Is it the food? Definitely. We want to know how to pronounce Mozzarella and Parmesan. And we need to know how to sound like an Italian when saying Bolognese. We love the lasagna and we need macaroni. So here we are worshiping the inventors of our favorite food by learning the language they were gossiping in when they invented the pizza.

attracting languages

Attracting languages

Yes, there are some languages which are found to be very attracting and engaging, even if one does not understand the language, they are blown away by the way it is spoken, the accent, the words and the style of speaking alone can attract a person. In the quest of world’s sexiest languages, a few stood out; French, Italian, and Spanish. While all three languages have a flow that makes a person roll with it, especially if it is a person who does not understand the language, because, for them, even the angry words will have a similar effect on them as by the cheery words.

Italian, however, stood out in all three and won the crown of the sexiest language. It is mostly due to the portrayal as set by the television and the people themselves. Everything Italian has a charm which is undeniable and accepting. Their language has a flavor as their food does and both of them are loved by people.

Why Italian is the sexiest language?

Italy is a beautiful culture with incredibly poetic music and great landscape. And then there is the fact that the Romans were from Italy and the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is basically all about Italy. I mean, who was paying any attention to India, Pacific Asia and the New York City. I was busy Googling Italian words Julia Roberts had loaded up on us in the Italy scenes and thinking about the art of doing nothing.

We thinks that the beauty of this culture lies in its honesty and its quest for logic and meaning. They have a way of cathartic closure to all their pains. There is a reason Italian movies always end with resolution and everyone forgiving everyone. They like to give you for pain and letting the hurt go. This is why, the most cathartic novels have always been written about Italian culture and many western novelists have also chosen this language when talking about pain resolution and calming down your inner storm.

There is an eternal timelessness in ancient Rome that automatically translates into the Italian language and makes it so sweet and understanding. They are expressive people who have given birth to an expressive language. Roman is the backbone of modern English and many Roman phrases make up for the expressive and poetic part of the English that we speak and write today.

This same Roman has evolved into Italian and is not the language that Julia Roberts spoke while she told us that we should learn to cherish Ruins. Yes; Eat, Pray, Love is the best wallow movie!

Happy Valentine’s Day !

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