20 Simlish Phrases That You Need To Know

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2021)

Are you a Sims aficionado? Video game fictional languages are romance languages for gamers. So, why not learn it and show your appreciation for The Sims by doing so? The video game is a romantic experience in and of itself. A language is a collection of specific utterances that do not emerge suddenly, but rather develop gradually over many years and expands through time.

It is a slow evolutionary process, which is what distinguishes it. It is then passed down from generation to generation, growing over time. However, if no steps are done to preserve it, the number of people who speak it will decline. Its existence is jeopardized, and it is on the verge of extinction.

If you are a true Sims fan learn it and pass it to other people as well to keep it alive. It is not even a real language but still, some of its phrases are very common among gamers. However, the development of Simlish has a fascinating history.

History of Slimish

Most video game franchises include a built-in language that has become rather popular among players, with a few of them even gaining a fanbase. The Sims characters speak Simlish, a language created by the game’s creator, Will Wright. He explained that the language had to be invented because the video game demanded interaction tools. He considered that, in the absence of a created language, using a live language would make the dialogue tedious and dull, in contrast to other game creators who used English as the primary language.

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This is what led to the turning moment that transformed The Sims from an architecture sim to a real-life simulation, as designer Roxy Wolosenko advised Wright to think on the characters rather than just the items in his sim. So he came up with unique words and dialogues. SimCopter was the first featured game in which Simlish was introduced.

People could imagine it more realistically than a machine could replicate a real language, therefore employing nonsense language turned out to be the ideal development choice, according to Wright. Sure, some of the words in this made-up language are completely meaningless, but there are a lot of words and phrases in Simlish that do have meaning.

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20 Simlish phrases that you need to know

Following are 20 Simlish common phrases you need to learn and practice.

  • Sul sul
    if you want to say hello in seamless then you need to say “Sul Sul”. This is a very cool greeting phrase. You can even use it with your gamer friends.
  • Whippna choba dog
    “Wippna Choba dog” means “this is cool”.
  •  I’m bored means Awasa poa
  •  Jowlenin means interesting
  •  Nash na poof? Means Anyone home
  •  Fretishe means everything
  • Litzergam means Thankyou
  • Kabuna? Means who cares? Yeah, it is a bit sad but it’s ok.
  • Delco webney means Believe it or not
  • Sperk means to speak. So now if you see any gamer shouting “Sperk” “Sperk” you know what he is saying.
  • Ooo shanga day? Means Why me?
  • Chum-cha means Pizza. But don’t ask your pizza delivery guy to bring you Chum-cha. He will get confused unless He is a true gamer.
  • Sass awrful means “That’s awful”. This phrase is very similar in its meaning in the English language. But if you want to give your conversation a more sassy touch you can use this phrase more often in your everyday life.
  • Oh feebee lay means “I’m hungry”.
  • Ayaw Ko Bobo siya means “I don’t like him”
  •  Bloo bagoo? means “Hey! What’s up?”. It is one of the common phrases of Simlish.
  • Benzi Chibna Looble Bazebni Gweb means ” Nothing is impossible if you believe it”. To cheer someone up you can use this phrase and spread positivity.
  •  Grouw means ” Listen”
  •  Kooj means ” Sweet”
  •  Renato! Renato! means ” Go away”

Famous People who contribute to Simlish

Seems like Sims is owned by a very tasteful person. Because it is a very detail-oriented video game with its language and amazing voiceovers.

simlish language
simlish image names simlish

The music of Sims is top-tired music with a huge fan base. Many famous singers sang for Sims in their different seasons including Katy Perry and Kimbra etc.  Professional voiceover artists aren’t the only ones who get to speak Simlish. The music in the Sims games is likewise performed in a made-up language, and The Sims has a large number of celebrity followers.

Several well-known musicians, notably Tegan & Sara, have recorded some of their biggest hits in Simlish over the years. Aly & AJ, Barenaked Ladies, The Black Eyed Peas, Depeche Mode, The Flaming Lips, Lily Allen, The Pussycat Dolls, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Katy Perry, and Neon Trees, to mention a few, have all contributed music to the Sims soundtracks over the years.

Katy Perry ( Last Friday Night) 

In 2012 Katy Perry had a collaboration with The Sims and she sang “3 Katy Perry’s sweet treats” Players love those songs and in the Sims three many other things were changed like game objects fashions, hairstyles, and decor. It was a themed season with the cupcake’s guitars, Gandhi playgrounds, and other sweet treats.

The game designer basically designed the team according to the sweets and players with the sweet tooth. Katy Perry also gifted Sims player with an amazing Simlish version of her hit song “Last Friday Night”. The theme was all fun and games players had a get-together with their cakes in free will venues by the Sims.

The pre-built venues that are offered are much more enticing. Patty’s Natural Baths, an all-new pool facility with bubble gum pink lounge chairs and a licorice-themed slippy slide, allows players to take their Sims for a swim in the delicious surroundings.

They can take a stroll over to Bonbon Lawn Park, where they’ll discover plenty of candy playground equipment that’s suitable for all ages. Players can now take their Sims to the Cake Pleasure Dome, a delightful neighborhood hangout where they can get even more delectable sweet delicacies.

How a game can improve your lingual skills?

Video games can be used to teach children. It is advantageous since it makes studying enjoyable. Video games can be used in a variety of ways. Because video games make the brain work more efficiently, they increase critical thinking. Gamers must devise different strategies to win the game, which keeps their minds occupied.

This ability also aids players in their academic pursuits. They will know how to see problems in different ways from different perspectives and how to come up with diverse solutions because they are used to doing so in video games. Finally, video games help to develop language skills like vocabulary.

Video games increase life skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making, time management, and consistency, among others. Gamers can use microphones in online games to connect with other players, which enhances their communication skills and boosts their confidence. Second, various games can help you enhance your problem-solving skills, such as brain games.

Among most games, there is a time limit during which the player must complete a specified objective, which has developed a time-valuing trait in players. It is beneficial for lingual and communication skills.

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