Mexican Slang

30 Mexican Slang Words To Impress

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2020)

There are things you can read in books or study in a course to learn about a culture and the people who practice it. But then there are a few things that you can’t find anywhere in books. Only by interacting with the natives or spending time in a country can you learn some things. Seeing a picture of a beautiful place and visiting it can’t be the same. Just like that studying about the people of a nation and spending time with them is not the same.


Sadly, the only thing most people think of when they hear the name Mexico is the various drug cartels that operate from the country. But in truth, there are a lot of amazing things about this state worth learning about. Mexico is expected to make it big on the international scale in the future. For now, it is considered a regional power. The culture of the state is also known around the world for its vibrant colors and festivals. Mexican cuisine is a favorite of many food lovers.

Mexican Slang

30 Mexican Slang Words to Impress:


Mexico does not have an official language but Spanish enjoys the de facto status of being the national tongue. It is a very important part of the culture and helps Mexicans connect with other people of the nation. The influence of Spanish in the Americas and in the US is quite strong. Although there is an academy that makes sure a lot of changes aren’t made in the language, each country that has a Spanish speaking population has its own slang words. Here are thirty Mexican slang words that you can use to impress your friends:

  1. Wey:

One of the most used words in the English language today us dude. ‘Wey’ has the same meaning in Mexico and can be used to address a friend.

  1. Neta:

You may have heard this one in the movies. Its literal translation may be ‘the truth’ but it is mostly used as a question like ¿Neta? ‘for real?’

  1. No Manches:

Did you just hear something unbelievable? Then say No Manches! to express your surprise because it means ‘are you kidding?’

  1. ¡Órale!

Every language has words that are used to convey multiple meanings. This one can be used to express amazement or approval. It means ‘wow’.

  1. Pinche:

Although this one is used for something ugly, it can also be put into sentences as a swear word. You can add it before any word to add stress to the point you are making.

  1. Chido:

The best way to describe something or someone cool is by using the word Chido.

  1. No Hay Bronca:

Anytime you ask a Mexican for a favor, this is the sentence you would hear in response. It means ‘it’s no problem’.

  1. Fresa:

Are you talking to someone who is way too stuck up and you need a Mexican slang to talk about their attitude? Fresa is the perfect option for that.

  1. Metiche:

Someone who is always worrying about other people’s business is a metiche. Make sure you aren’t one.

  1. Vieja:

This is an affectionate term Mexicans have reserved for their moms. Otherwise, it translates to ‘old lady’.

  1. Padre:

Yes, it means ‘father’, but it is also sometimes put in sentences to call something cool. When you say ‘que padre,’ it will translate to ‘how cool!’

  1. Chamba:

Anything from a difficult job or a complicated situation can be called chamba by the Mexicans.

  1. Changarro:

Mexicans have a special term for small family businesses and it is changarro.

  1. Varos:

This is the Mexican version of the word ‘bucks. It can even replace ‘peso’ during conversations.

  1. Refresco:

Craving a soda? Ask your host for a refresco.

  1. Paro:

Ask your friend if they can do you a favor by replacing favor with paro whenever you need their help.

  1. Jalada:

When someone tells you a story that’s clearly made up ask them how they expect anyone to believe their jalada.

  1. Chorro:

Every time you invite someone over, make sure you have a chorro (tons) of food.

  1. Vocho:

This is the nickname Mexicans have given to the Volkswagen Beetle, how cute is that?

  1. Chamarra:

Feeling cold? Put on your jacket or chamarra before you head out.

Mexican Slang
  1. Camión:

This is the word to use in Mexico when you have to ask people about a route bus.

  1. Chanclas:

The Mexican name of flip-flops is chanclas.

  1. Ni modo:

A phrase suitable for saying both ‘no problem’ and ‘it is what it is’.

  1. Carnal:

This word means ‘brother’ but it is also used for friends as a term of endearment.

  1. Huevon/a:

This is how the Mexicans refer to an extremely lazy person.

  1. Sale:

It is used to say ‘let’s go’ whenever you ask someone to accompany you to the mall or to the movies.

  1. ¿Mande?

Ask people to repeat themselves in a polite way by using this word when you are in Mexico.

  1. ¿Qué tal?

Mexicans ask ‘what’s up?’ with the help of this phrase.

  1. Chavo/a:

This word is used to refer to children and teens. It can be compared with the English word ‘kid’.

  1. Tocayo:

Mexicans have a word for people they share their names with. Tocayo is what you would call someone who has the same name as you.

Now that you know a few basic Mexican slang words, you can start using them in conversations to impress people around you.

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