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Major Differences Between Ecuador and Argentina

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)

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If you are planning on visiting both Ecuador and Argentina, you may be wondering what the difference will be between the two countries.

The climate, the culture, the amenities and even the language differ in enough ways that it’s important to know about them before you travel there on vacation or for work.

Here are 10 major differences between Ecuador and Argentina that will make your trip easier when you visit these two neighboring countries.

1) The Geography

Ecuador and Argentina are very different in both geography and government. The Andean countries of South America have a continental divide, which splits the country into three major regions.

The first region is Tierra del Fuego, which is in the southernmost part of the country on the border with Chile.

Next is the Central Andes, which contains both Cordillera Occidental (or Western Range) and Cordillera Oriental (Eastern Range).

Finally, there’s Costa Rica to the north – a tropical country on the coast of South America. The third major region is Mesoamerica, which includes Mexico and parts of Central America.

Ecuador has its own system that blends Spanish traditions with American ones: It became independent from Spain in 1822 as one of the original thirteen colonies but has maintained an alliance since 1948 as a member of the Organization of American States.

It also shares close ties with North American countries such as Canada due to its proximity and trade agreements; this closeness can be seen through their use of the same dollar with other countries in North America.

ecuador argentina
argentina vs ecuador

2) The People

Ecuador has a population of about 15 million people, while Argentina has a population of about 44 million.

Eighty-three percent of the Ecuadorian population lives in urban areas, while only 56% of the Argentinean people live in urban areas.

The median age for both countries is around 30 years old, with Ecuador being slightly older than Argentina.

In terms of ethnicity, 94% of people in Ecuador are Hispanic or Latino, 4% are White/Caucasian, 1% are Black/African American, and 1% are Asian/Pacific Islander.

In comparison to this breakdown in ethnicity, 92% of the Argentinean population is Hispanic or Latino, 6% is White/Caucasian, 2% is Black/African American and 2% are Asian/Pacific Islander.

3) Language

A study by Washington, DC-based research institute Inter-American Dialogue published in PLoS One found that there are 10 major differences between the two South American countries. The data was collected from studies of prospective cohort studies, current studies, and logistic regression. Some key findings include:

  • There is a lower proportion of rural population in Ecuador than in Argentina
  • The prevalence of obesity is much higher in Argentina than in Ecuador
  • The prevalence of obesity is much higher in Argentina than in Ecuador
  • A significantly higher percentage of Argentinians have had experience with torture than Ecuadoreans
  • Educational attainment levels are substantially lower for Argentinians than for Ecuadoreans
  • Ecuadorean adults report better health status and life satisfaction levels

Know more about what language does Ecuador speaks.

4) Currency

One of the first things to note about these two countries is their currencies. In Ecuador, the currency is called the sucre or soles.

The national currency in Argentina is the peso. The peso has been pegged to the U.S. dollar since 1991, so it’s often used as a proxy for foreign exchange rates with other Latin American countries as well.

A study sample taken by Juan Fernández Ridge found that agricultural commodities make up about 8% of GDP in both Ecuador and Argentina.

North America does not border either country, but North America still plays an important role economically through exports to those countries.

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5) Infrastructure

Ecuador is a less developed country than Argentina. One major difference between the two is the infrastructure.

In Ecuador, there are more roads in better condition, but less gas stations, restaurants, and places to buy food.

In addition, all of the roads are on one side of the highway with no median strip. On the other hand, Argentina has many more gas stations along their highways due to their much higher level of development.

They also have more restaurants and places to buy food while driving through their cities.

The next main difference between these two countries is the presence of Juan Fernández Ridge off the coast of Ecuador that protects it from extreme weather conditions like hurricanes or tsunamis.

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6) Tourist Attractions

Ecuador is a country with a diverse landscape, from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest.

It has many picturesque villages such as Vilcabamba, which is home to Juan Fernández Ridge, one of Ecuador’s most important tourist attractions.

The Ridge is famous for its lush green forests, clear blue lakes and spectacular waterfalls.

The largest city in Ecuador is Quito, which sits at 9,350 feet above sea level with a population of 2.7 million people. Quito’s history dates back over 3,000 years when it served as an Inca stronghold.

There are numerous ruins throughout the city including Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World), which marks the geographic center point between Greenwich, England and West Coast America.

One can also visit El Panecillo where there is a mural depicting independence hero José de San Martín. Visitors have the option to take a cable car up to Mount Cahuilanípa or hike up through fruit farms and coffee plantations.

There is also Aqua Quiroz Waterfall, which drops 170 meters and displays beautiful scenery in all four seasons. In contrast, Argentina has more of a desert climate than Ecuador.

Tourists visiting Buenos Aires should be sure to visit Cabra Corral Hill that overlooks the Pampas region and Mount Aconquija on the border of Jujuy Province.

Visitors can either walk up or take cable cars that offer incredible views at various heights. Another popular attraction would be visiting Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil.


Which is bigger; Argentina or Ecuador?

Argentina is the second-largest country in Latin America, while Ecuador is the smallest.

Is Ecuador cheaper than Argentina?

Ecuador is a much more affordable country than Argentina. The average cost of living in Ecuador is roughly $1,000 USD per month, whereas the average cost of living in Argentina is about $3,000 USD per month.

What is Ecuador famous for?

Ecuador is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, with over 20% of its territory being part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is Argentina famous for?

Argentina is best known for its beef, its wine, and its tango. Tango is a type of dance that originated in the 1800s in Buenos Aires.

Does Ecuador and Argentina have ties with Central America?

Ecuador has more ties to Central America than most other South American countries because of its location at the northern end of Central America. In contrast, Argentina’s exports focus on agricultural commodities like soybeans, wheat, corn and sugar cane.

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