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Top 10 What Are The Disadvantages Of Being A Freelance Translator

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2020)

Getting to work in the field of your choice is a blessing. But it may not look like a blessing when you keep on making the wrong decisions. Even when you become a qualified professional in your field, you will have to choose your path. A well-researched decision can help you achieve your goals, while a miss-guided attempt to achieve your goals can lead to a lot of problems for you. This is why it is important for you to figure out the pros and cons of your options before you pick one. You will have to figure out which of the choices available to you suit you.

Working in the language industry means you always have to give your hundred percent because one mistake can change the meaning of a document. However, when you enter the field, you will be presented with the opportunity to work with an agency or to become a freelancer. But before you decide to become a freelancer, you should know everything about working independently.

Top 10 Disadvantages of Being a Freelance Translator:

There are many people who think working independently is better than joining a company. And it works pretty well for some people. However, it isn’t a suitable choice in every profession, and no one can make a decision based on other’s experiences. Unless it is good for you, you shouldn’t choose this path. Here are the top ten disadvantages of being a freelance translator:

Freelance Translator
  1. Flexibility:

You will think the flexibility that comes with working from home is a blessing until you have to entertain guests on a day when you have two projects to finish in three hours. The flexibility is good until it isn’t. Not only can guests come unannounced at any time knowing you will be home, but you might also become everyone’s first call whenever they need a ride. It will end up affecting the quality of your work.

  1. Inconsistency:

Until you have spent years as an independent translator, you won’t get projects regularly. The inconsistency will be a part of your daily life. You will never have a fixed schedule of work, which means you won’t learn every day. It will keep you from becoming more experienced in your field.

  1. Uncertainty:

Many people say that jobs are scary, and the thought that they could get fired at any time keep them up at night. Although they are right, a lot of jobs offer contracts. And if you make a comparison, you will realize there is a lot of uncertainty around freelancing. You can never be certain about the next project.

  1. Income Fluctuation:

There is no steady income for you if you work independently. Since you can’t be certain about getting projects regularly, you can’t earn a steady amount. You may be willing to work and still not get the chance to do so when you are a freelance translator.

Freelance Translator
  1. Rate Issues:

You can’t convince your clients to pay you what you deserve for a job. There is always the next freelancer ready to do their project for them. This is why freelancers have to lower their prices often to satisfy their clients.

  1. Time Zones:

If you work with people from all over the world, the time difference will be a huge problem for you. You can’t be awake at all times to answer their questions or help them out with a linguistic problem. But if you don’t reply to a client on time, they may contact another freelancer.

  1. Competitive Market:

Every freelancing platform has thousands of experts from every field. It will not be easy to gain your footing in the field in the beginning. The competitive market can be a huge problem for newcomers. They may not get a project for months when they enter the field.

  1. Access to Tools:

As a freelancer, you won’t get free access to tools like CAT. These tools are highly helpful for translators. The linguistic experts who work with agencies get access to such tools and improve the quality of their work with their help.

  1. Quality Feedback:

On freelancing websites, people will often leave a short review along with your rating after you hand them their translations. They will never go into detail about your work and the areas where you need improvements. The biggest reason behind that is they are not linguistic experts. But if you work with an agency, they will want you to excel in the field. Therefore, they will provide you quality feedback regularly and also guide you to methods that can help you improve your weak points.

  1. Time Management:

Sometimes, it can be difficult to handle all the projects. You may even miss a deadline, and that will affect your rating. Time management can be difficult when you are trying to make a name for yourself in the field and end up taking on more projects than you can handle. However, when you join an agency, you will never get burdened with too many projects.

Trying to figure out which is the right choice for you professionally can be a bit confusing. But if you make an effort to find out all that there is to know about the options available to you, you will be able to pick the most suitable path for yourself. As long as you don’t make a decision with closed eyes, you will be alright. Once you make your decision, you can start working hard to establish yourself as an expert translator.

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