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Have you ever thought of settling and continuing your life in any other country of the World? Well, if you said yes and you prefer to settle and continue your lifestyle abroad, we suggest you move to The Americas and experience a wholly distinct way of living. Especially, South America, or Colombia, with Colombian translation services, the continent that is so rich in history, culture, and languages.

South America has generally twelve Sovereign states. It is sometimes also called Latin America because it comprises mostly Latin countries.

You might have the financial status for affording a lifestyle in South America but not to neglect the main problem because if you are not from Europe or any of the Latin Countries, you would come across a problem i.e, Communication. “Communication is the key to a mutual understanding that eventually leads to success in many different aspects of life.”

This might seem to you just a mere quote with no reality in practical life but we can assure you that your opinion about this is not so true. When you would settle in a land, that is completely different than your homeland, especially in terms of language, you may face major challenges as you may not be able to understand the locals and vice versa

To tackle this problem, you would need some translation service that would help you in communication with the locals. Let us assume that the South American country you would like to live in, is Colombia. So, you would need a Colombian Translation service that would do the English Translation of Colombian Spanish for you.

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In this article, we will demonstrate all the positive and useful impacts of Translation services especially the help that would be provided by Colombian Translation services in the kind of situation discussed above.

What is Colombian?

Colombian is a dialect of the Spanish language that is popular and spoken in Colombia, a Latin American country. This dialect is a Colombian version of Spanish that is geographically confined to Colombia only. It is more of a geographical term than a linguistic one. It has its further dialects that are bound to the respective regions of the country and are spoken only there.

Origin of Colombian

Colombian Spanish was first introduced into Latin America after the discovery and conquest of The Americas. It was discovered by the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. Colombia came into existence by the cultural adaptation process that was practiced by or forced upon Native Americans. People speak most talked-about Spanish version here. Its linguistic roots date back to Vulgar Latin (also called Spoken Latin) from which the romance language of the Iberian Peninsula, Spanish, was derived in the 3rd Century BC.

Dialects of Colombian Spanish

There are eleven dialects of Colombian Spanish in total. All of these dialects are briefly discussed below:

  1. Paisa Dialect: This dialect is spoken in the Colombian coffee production areas, such as Antioquia, Quindio, Risaralda, Caldas, and the northernmost parts of Tolima and Valle Del Cauca.
  2. Rolo Dialect: “Rolo” (a name for the dialect of Bogota) is also called Cachaco. This dialect has similar patterns as the Cundiboyacense Dialect.
  1. Cundiboyacense Dialect: This dialect is most widely spoken in Cundinamarca and Boyaca.
  2. Caribbean Dialect: Caribbean dialect is spoken in the Caribbean Region of Colombia. It shares similar patterns as Caribbean Spanish and is phonologically similar to Andalusian and Canarian Dialects.
  3. Island Dialect: This dialect is spoken in the San Andres, Providencia, and Santa Catalina islands of Colombia. It is a mixture of Caribbean Spanish with some features of English.
  4.  Valluno Dialect: The Valluno dialect is widely spoken in the region of the Cauca river between the Western and Central Cordilleras.
  5. Pastuso Dialect: This dialect is popular and spoken in the Southwest of the Republic of Colombia.
  6. Opita Dialect: The Opita dialect is spoken mostly in the departments of Tolima and Huila, mostly in the central and southern parts of the Magdalena River valley. It is said to show the strong influence of indigenous languages and is noted for its slow tempo and unique intonation.
  7. Llanero or Eastern plains dialect: This dialect is spoken in the parts of the country where the population density is relatively low. For example; Eastern plains of Colombia.
  8. Chocó or Pacific dialect: This dialect is also spoken by Afro-Colombians living inland in Cauca and Valle del Cauca.
  9. Santanderean dialect: Santanderean is spoken mostly in the northeastern part of the country in Santander and Norte de Santander.

List of Notable Columbian Figures

Here are some of the most famous and influential Columbian figures regarded as epic heroes who changed the course of Colombian history by the Colombian politics, Colombian arts, and Colombian language:

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  • Alberto Rojas Rios (Columbian jurist, country representative and a politician)
  • Gabriel García Márquez (Colombian novelist, screenwriter, short story writer, and journalist)
  • Shakira (Colombian singer)
  • Juan Gabriel Vásquez (Colombian writer, journalist, and translator)
  • José Eustasio Rivera Salas (Colombian lawyer and author)
  • Álvaro Mutis Jaramillo (Colombian novelist and poet who penned a classical poetry collection)

What is a Translation Service?

A Translation Service is a cross-cultural translation service that is offered to immigrants or any company for gigs. A translation service provides a literal translation of a language, the immigrant or the company is unfamiliar with, into a language they can easily understand.

It is a transition of one piece of text into another language. During the translation process, a person knowing both languages, takes a piece of text and translates it into the other language. It makes it easy for the reader to speak to the ethnic communities of that region.

How much do Colombian Translation Services cost?

Colombian Translation services offer different translation rates according to the number of words that need to be translated or according to the time taken to translate a page. Translation services cost about an average of $0.10 word translated. These rates may be doubled if you seek an urgent Colombian Translation Service.

Facts about Colombian Translation Services

Here are some facts about Colombian Translation services that you would need to know before flying to any Latin American country especially the “Republic of Colombia”.

  • Colombian Translators translate about 520,000 words per year.
  • A professional Colombian Translator can translate about 250 words within an hour.
  • It is the second most spoken and the most translated dialect of Spanish in the World.
  • The Royal Spanish Academy publishes dictionaries and grammar rule books which aid greatly in the translation of this dialect of the language.
  • It is the third most popular and the most translated dialect of the Spanish language on the internet daily.
  • Colombian Translation services are also referred to as Latin-American Spanish translation services.

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In our opinion, only a translation service with translators that have practical skills, experience, and respective qualifications can honestly deliver high-quality and accurate Colombian translations in time.

Only such translation services can help you with easy and on-time Colombian translations. It would eventually help you gain experience in the language in such a vast amount. By the time you would be able to understand, speak and read this dialect of Spanish with great eloquence.

By choosing the right translation service, you would be able to make new relations with the indigenous communities of the Republic of Colombia. You would be able to create ease for yourself when starting a new life, in a country with whose language you are unfamiliar.

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