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Haitian Creole

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2019)

Haitian Creole

A while back a news was published by Yahoo, telling about the story of a 103 years old Haitian woman, finally acquiring the citizenship of US and ready to vote for the first time in the general elections. The story told how she stood firm while all the struggle and things ultimately turned the way she wanted them to. She was born in Haiti in 1915, and still speaks and understands in the French Creole language. The woman was immensely happy for her citizenship. It had no mention of her Haitian Creole birth certificate but imagine if you had to wait a hundred hears to get the American citizenship because you didn’t know where to get it or how to get it, sounds scary, right?

Citizens in Haiti have faced all types of dreadful challenges including earthquakes, poverty, political crisis and even mental and psychological issues and it’s only natural if they want a way out. US, with all its glory is the place where immigrants come in the hope of a better future, Haiti is no exception. But as much as it seems a promising proposition for those in Haiti, ready to explore their options, it is not that easy.

Immigration processes, visa application, statement of purpose, bank statement and other implications of entering the US are perplexing for the Haitians. However, once you get passed over all these, you are met with yet another dilemma, documentation. And most of the times we miss out details that are far too important to ignore yet we remain ignorant. If you too, were born in Haiti, and have a Haitian Creole birth certificate, you’ll need to translate it for USCIS. As per the current rules and regulations of the US immigration, you must submit a certified translation of your Haitian Creole birth certificate before touching the American soils.

No doubt you want to get things done as soon as possible, and for a start, you’ll need your birth certificate translation quickly.

How Long Does It Take To Translate Haitian Creole Birth Certificate?

This question can’t be simply with a one word answer such as a day or 48 hours or a month. In fact, it’s a matter of the place which you have chosen for the acquisition of the translation. Along with that, language proficiency is one thing that should also remain at the top. Haitian Creole is a language that could be tricky for the new learners, so we suggest you go with the native interpreters, so that they interpret accurately without missing out any part.

haitian creole

So now again, how long would it take, if you choose a company with specialized expertise in birth certificate translation, and if their language services list has Haitian Creole, you can get your translation even within a day.

Some of the services might even offer to complete the task in a few hours and if you are in a hurry, you can certainly take that offer.

The Process

When you need things get done in the nick of time, we also encourage you to stay prepared as well. Keep the original birth certificate scanned in advance. When you are done choosing the company or the service you want to go with, you’ll be asked to upload your document so that they can send you the quote for it. At this point, you’ll save your time and effort if you already have your documents scanned and saved on your computer or mobile device. This way, you can instantly upload document for the company to look and move on with further processing, so avoid delays by your side also.
Another thing that you must keep in your mind is that they have specific method of payments and they accept only through their listed options, so make sure you have that sorted out as well. If you are unable to make the payment at the time of handing over the project, you’ll have to wait which is again another delay because of you and not the company or the translators.

Certified Translations

While you need your birth certificate translation quickly, you can’t forget that you’ll need a certified translation for USCIS. And if takes 24 hours then be it, because your application won’t be accepted without that.

Bottom line, you can get a Haitian Creole birth certificate translated within 24 hours max but if you are planning on applying for the US immigration, we advise you to get your certified translation in advance.

haitian creole

At USA Translate, we are right here for all your translation needs including the ones in Haitian Creole, French, Spanish or any other language. We are one of the leading translation agencies in the US, especially taking care of all sorts of translations for our customers including localization, passport translations, documents etc.

If you have a Haitian Creole birth certificate that you want to get translated, you can come to us anytime, we assure you that we’ll offer the fastest deliver, highest quality, lowest price and outclass service no matter you contact us online or come directly to our offices. We’ll be equally joyous to help.

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