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How Can Translations Improve Your SEO?

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2020)

The most important part of people’s lives nowadays is the internet. And the most defining feature of the internet is the websites that we love to visit every day. From powerful search engines to magazines, social media networks to streaming services, there is so much that we can access through the internet. Without these sites, the digital world will be pretty bleak. Today, it can provide us information in real-time. Whether something has happened on the next street or in another part of the world, you will be able to learn about it instantly. But businesses have also joined the internet to attract new customers and communicate with their existing client base regularly. However, without SEO, none of the websites of companies and brands will become popular.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process through which a website can increase the quantity and quality of its traffic. There are various techniques that are employed by SEO experts to increase the traffic of a website. SEO is an organic method of increasing website traffic, unlike those schemes that offer to bring thousands of likes on your posts for a small amount of money. With SEO, a website gets not only traffic but also loyal readership. They manage to build connections with their audiences and capitalize on that relationship.

There are many elements of SEO that dictate how a site can improve its ranking on search engines. For instance, the use of keywords is very important in attracting the right audience. But only experts can figure out what kind of keywords will work for a company. Without the proper keywords and tags, a company will not be able to attract its target audience.

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Translation of Websites:

A website that is designed for a specific audience will not be able to attract the attention of other people. In order to make a site suitable for different audiences, it must be translated by the experts. There are a lot of ways in which webpages can be made more accessible to a native audience. They are localized to fit the cultural needs of the target audience. But the translations only work if they are carried out by qualified and experienced professionals.

How Can Translations Improve Your SEO?

When translating a website, it is important to remember what the priority is. When the target audience speaks multiple languages, then ranking high on different search engines should be the goal. With the right translation, a webpage can get the attention of its target audience. But how exactly does translation improve SEO? Here’s how:

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  • New Keywords:

When the content of a webpage is translated into a foreign language, so does the keyword. If a company does its research about a market, it will be able to find the right keywords. When the webpages get translated, the new keywords can get added to the content. The addition of new keywords, whether they are long-tail or not, will help a company in increasing its traffic. However, it is important to incorporate the keywords in a way that they don’t look out of place. A qualified content writer will know exactly where to place each keyword.

  • High-Ranking:

If you are targeting the Indian audience with a translation, the new keywords will help you in ranking higher on the local version of Google. You will also be able to achieve a good ranking on other search engines and attract the attention of local blogs and news sites. High-ranking means that whenever someone searches a similar item, they will come across your webpage.

  • Increased Exposure:

With new translations of your website, you will not only get keywords and high-ranking but also get exposure. More and more people and companies will come across your brand on the internet. You will become popular among the people who browse the internet on a daily basis. All you have to do is capitalize on this exposure to increase your earnings.

  • Improved Sales:

A good SEO does not only mean an increase in traffic but also better conversion rates. This means that people will not only visit your site but also buy your products. When you get your website translated, people will see that you value their culture and language. They will be more inclined to trust you. And when an audience begins to trust you, that’s when they will turn into your loyal customers.

  • Engagement:

If you get qualified professionals for writing and translating the content of your website, you will be able to attract more readers. You can create a blog of your brand and provide useful information to people there. This will not only improve your image among people but also increase the engagement on your site. Getting localized translation of your content will make you popular with foreign audiences, too, and help you in achieving your business goals.

If a company does not join social media and the internet, it will fail. Many brands have realized this fact and are making an effort to establish their online presence. There are also those companies that only have their online shops and make all their earnings this way. In any case, running a website is not simple. But if you get the help of SEO experts, things will get easier. Make sure you only hire qualified professionals for the translation and localization of your content. It is the only way to make sure that your website ends up with increased traffic.

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