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How To Answer The Phone In Spanish?

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2020)

There are many people who go to live in the mountains or forests on their own. Those who have had to live in society for the most part of their lives can understand the need to get away from all the noise. But the truth is, living without people and away from society is not ideal. We are social animals, whether we like to admit it or not. We cannot survive with each other. And if we try to face the world on our own and separate ourselves from everyone else, we will never be live a successful life. We cannot even know ourselves unless we live among people and figure out the meaning of life.

If you go to the mountains to figure out the meaning of life, you won’t be able to. And whatever you will figure out will be so limited in its scope that it will never be applicable on another human being. Our experiences are what makes us who we are. But we can’t really have authentic experiences without interacting with other people. We are dependent on each other for everything. Sure, we can reduce the level of dependency in various ways but we can’t cut ourselves off completely from the world and expect to be okay with that.

Human interaction is the basis of life and it is the only thing that improves our knowledge. We get to learn about the world not only by exploring it but also by learning to see it from different perspectives. We cannot understand human life and figure out all the truths about it without listening to the stories of others and learning from them. This is something that most of us don’t really realize but it still continues to be a fact. We will ultimately have to come to terms with the fact that humans cannot live alone and still be functional members of the society.

If a person doesn’t live among humans, they will not be able to respect the society and its rules either. They will end up becoming someone who despises all the manmade rules. They might even end up becoming criminals to teach the world that all of its rules are pointless and the lives of people do not matter. This may sound hypothetical but if people start thinking they can live without each other and go out to test this knowledge, it can become real.

Answer The Phone

Answering Phone:


There are many ways through which people communicate with each other nowadays. Letters have been around for a long time but they are still very much in use. People often write each other letters to express their feelings. They are also used by people to confess their love for someone. But modern inventions have given us a very interesting device for communication: a telephone. Now, whether you are thinking of the traditional landline phone or a smartphone, both are equally important and help people connect with each other. Regardless of the time, you can pick up the phone and call anyone you want. No matter where they are in the world, your call will get connected and you will be able to talk to them.

Answer The Phone

In the beginning, people may have tried all kinds of responses for answering the phone, but slowly, all other replies fell out of use and ‘hello’ remained. However, to think that it is the only way to answer phone would only prove that you are only thinking of people of your race and nationality. Depending on their language and values, people of various countries have different ways of answering the phone.

How to Answer the Phone in Spanish?

So, if you are not in America or the UK, saying hello when picking up the phone might not be a good idea. Although it is true that not everyone in the US and the UK say hello anymore when they answer a call, it is still a widely accepted response. The one who answers is expected to say hello. But it is worth considering that hello may not be an appropriate answer everywhere in the world. The Muslims would not want to say hello when they answer a phone, especially since they have their own greeting. They may also say both, a hello followed by their greeting. This knowledge might make you wonder what are different ways of answering phones in various countries.

You can always ask your bilingual friend to find out what they say when they pick up a call. But as for the Spanish people, you are about to find out what phrase or word they use to greet a caller. Since Spanish is spoken in different parts of the world, the method of answering the phone is not the same. Some go with ‘Hola!’ while some say ‘Bueno’. In Spain, instead of going with the traditional greeting, most people say ‘Sí’ when they pick up the phone. It is their version of saying yes when they answer a call. This is quite similar to English speakers who pick up a call with the same word.

Aló? Is also pretty common among Spanish speaking people, so is Dígame. But if they feel like breaking the pattern, Spanish people might also go with a simple hello when they pick up the receiver. It all depends on the region and the person answering the call. The customs of a country or region are very important but the mind of Spanish person is also pretty interesting and sometimes only listens to itself.

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