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(Last Updated On: September 10, 2021)

Imagine you are in a situation where you travel to a foreign country to find new work opportunities or discover another career. You would likely struggle to communicate your ideas or messages with people in different areas and languages worldwide. Or maybe you want to see different parts of the world. For this you must be familiar with different types of translation services.

You can avoid this by hiring a reliable translation company that can accurately and efficiently translate your documents from the original to the desired language. In this article, we will explain you the term “translation” and types of translation services out there to help you get familiar with it.

What is Translation of Documents?

Translation can be defined as the act of translating a written document from one language to another. The translation is a written process, unlike interpretation which is verbal. This requires considerable expertise in the relevant field and knowledge in at least two languages.

The translator certifies or notarizes the translation to increase its authenticity. Let’s not get into an argument about certified and notarized translations.

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There are many uses for translation services at all levels of government, business, and personal. People hire translation companies to translate their legal and official documents into English. People who move to the United States to obtain citizenship can order translation services. Translations of documents, such as police records and other legal documents, are required by courts. Companies and businesses that expand into foreign countries often request translation services.

What are the different types of translations?

The World of Translations has many different and extensive techniques. There are also different theories. There are many kinds of translations. Here are the eight most important and common. These eight types are often used to refer to types of translation.

What types of translation are available?

There are eight different types of translations. Each one is unique. These are the types of translation:

  1. Technical Translation: Technical translation refers to the translation manuals and instruction leaflets.
  2. Financial Translation: Financial translation translates documents relating to the stock market, banking, and finance, such as financial reports.
  3. Scientific Translation: A scientific translation is scientific documents, such as study reports and scientific journals.
  4. Juridical translation: It’s the translation of documents related to laws and regulations such as constitutions.
  5. Judicial translation: This is the type that occurs under a court setting. This includes documents related to depositions, expert opinions, and judgments.
  6. Legal Translation: Legal translation refers to the translating of legal documents like summons or warrants.
  7. Literary Translation: Literary translation is the most difficult type. A literary translator is needed to translate a literary piece, including its idioms and metaphors.
  8. Commercial Translation: A commercial translation is a type of translation that a professional freelance translator does for commercial purposes. It is usually completed within a short time frame.
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There are also other uncommon types of translation:

  • Literal Translation is the word-to-word, most precise form of translation.
  • Free Translation: This translation is exact but not word-to-word.
  • Human Translation is a form of translation usually performed by a human translator.
  • Machine Translation is done using computer software and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Medical Translation is the translation of medical reports and documents.
  • Administrative Translation is the translation of government-related documents.
  • Modern Translation

Notarized vs. Certified Translations

Differentiating translations can be done based on the signification. They can be labeled according to their use and importance. This factor allows us to classify translations into Notarized Translations or Certified Translations. Both terms can be confused. A notarized translation has the signatures and seals of a notary public.

Officials and government agencies often request this type of translation. On the other hand, Certified Translations refers to a translation document that includes “Certificates of Accuracy.” Courts and individuals often require this type of translation.

What to Avoid?

No matter what type of translation you use, a human translator should translate the document. To avoid potential errors, a professional translator should proofread and edit the translated document.

The professional translator must ensure that the translation is accurate and free from potential errors. He should also not ignore cultural nuances when translating documents. The standards set by the industry must be met when translating. To be able to call the document “professional translation,” he should accurately translate it.


We recommend that you continue to research the different types of translation services if you are interested in this field. If you are interested in translating, it is an exciting business that can bring in a monthly income. Although it is not an easy job, it will be no problem once you become proficient in the field. You will need to be attentive, have experienced, and have good language skills.

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